Place your Travel Ad in Yatra pullout of Dainik Jagran at The Cheapest Rates!

We Indians love to travel but our hectic routines rarely allow us to make plans and go on trips. But when we do we tend to preplan a lot of things such as traveling routes, hotel bookings, etc, so that the actual trip is fun and tension free. For this reason, Dainik Jagran had introduced a very special pullout Yatra which means travel in Hindi, to help guide people planning their next trip.

Yatra is a very special pullout as it only comes once every month. More specifically on the last Sunday of each month when people are desperately looking for an excuse to forget about their daily routines and go on a short or a long trip. 

With its aesthetically pleasing scenic images and travel stories printed all over, the Yatra is bound to grab anyone’s attention planning their next getaway. Thus, giving a travel-related advertisement in Yatra will fetch you more potential customers than giving a classified ad in the regular newspaper.

Display Travel Ads in Dainik Jagran Yatra

Advertisements like travel destination packages, hotel and guest house booking ads, train or plane ticket booking ads are perfect to be featured in the Yatra supplement. Popular locations for Yatra pullout are Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Varanasi, and many others.

You can book ads for a minimum size of  4 cm width and  4 cm height going up to a full-page ad of  33 cm width and 52 cm height. Giving a display ad in Yatra with releaseMyAd also gives you the freedom to customize your ad size as you like. You may have a page preference with it as well. You can feature your ad on the front page or back page or any other page it’s totally up to you! However, certain pages like the front page or back page require premium charges. 

The hue of the ad sets the right mood for a travel ad and it also plays a vital role in the pricing of the ad. A black and white ad will cost you less than a colourful one and vice versa. The size and page preference for the ad can change the price considerably. The pricing of the ad is dependent on the choice you make!

Booking an ad in the Yatra pullout has to be done 2 days prior to the release date. Our in-house designing team is available to design your ad creative with no extra designing charges.

To book your ad instantly, you can visit or call us directly at 9356222541.For additional queries, mail us at, or Call/WhatsApp us on 09830629298 or opt for a 24×7 live chat option from our website.

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