Looking for a Punjabi Groom? Why not book a newspaper matrimonial Ad?

It is well known that Punjabi marriages are a class apart. Punjabi weddings are a strong reflection of the culture of Punjab. Known for their fanfare, festivities and fabulous food, Punjabi weddings are nothing short of a carnival. And Punjabi grooms embody the true spirit of Punjab. They are lively, straightforward, open-minded, large-hearted people who believe in working hard and partying harder. Punjabi grooms are attractive people known for being passionate and expressive. 

In India, where marriage is viewed as a sacred and lifelong bond between two individuals, plays a major role in cultural life. Arranged marriages are the norm, where the bride, generally in consultation with her family, selects the most suitable prospective groom. Selection of the right partner is so crucial because it is believed that a marriage is not just the coming together of bride and groom, but a union of two families as well.

Punjabi matrimonial Ad

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