Here are the Best offers for matrimonial Ads in Deccan Chronicle!

Deccan Chronicle is a widely read newspaper with circulation numbers of approximately 1,33,3668 in Andhra Pradesh, Telanagana and other major cities in India. You can easily book Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial classified text or classified display ad within the shortest deadlines at releaseMyAd. There are various additional benefits on booking matrimonial advertisements in this newspaper. Here are the best offers for matrimonial ads in Deccan Chronicle:

  1. Coimbatore Rs.150 / 20 Words
  2.  Hyderabad- Rs.500 / 20 Words

Discount Packages:

  1. Deccan Chronicle (AP  Editions + Coimbatore+ Bangalore + Chennai) – Rs. 1,180/20 words
  2. Deccan Chronicle (Bangalore +  Hyderabad + Chennai)- Rs 940/ 20 words
  3. Deccan Chronicle (AP Editions + Kochi + Coimbatore)- Rs 890/ 20 words
  4. Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad + Bangalore)- Rs 720/ 20 words
  5. Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial Special (All Andhra Pradesh Locations)- Rs 600/ 20 words
Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial Ad

There are more such offers, which will help you to reach more audiences at low rates! You just have to choose the package wisely.

For booking Matrimonial Classified or display Ads for Deccan Chronicle follow these steps:

  1. Choose your preferred ad type, either classified text ad or classified display advertisement. Then select Deccan Chronicle as your choice of newspaper and specify the location, where you want to publish the ad in. 
  2. Select Matrimonial as your advertisement under Deccan Chronicle
  3. Check out the above ad rates for Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial Advertisements, you will also find these in from there you can choose the best offer as per your requirement.

There are no extra costs in online booking of Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial classified ads. There are multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. All these payments are SSL encrypted and are completely secure. You can also pay offline via cheque or cash. Do not forget to check out the special offers and packages table, before booking the Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial ads.

For more visit releaseMyAd or call us at 09830629298, if you have any queries.  releaseMyAd is INS accredited and a one-stop platform for advertising in India.

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