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Founded in the year 1938 by Rajagopal Mudaliar, Deccan Chronicle is one of the most well-known English language daily newspapers in India. In over 7 decades, Deccan Chronicle has made its mark as a highly respected and widely favoured news publication in the country’s southern states. 

Deccan Chronicle has, over the years, gathered immense respect for its standards of journalism and reporting, and is nothing less than a household name today. The newspaper’s name is derived from the region of its origin, namely the Deccan region of India.

Deccan Chronicle has its headquarters in Secunderabad and is estimated to have more than 1.45 million copies of the newspaper in circulation on any given day. The newspaper enjoys the greatest popularity in India’s southern region, comprising the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Even though the newspaper is primarily concentrated in southern India, Deccan Chronicle is a preferred choice for readers across the rest of India as well. 

The estimated total readership of Deccan Chronicle is estimated to be significantly more than 1.1 million people, both in India as well as abroad. There are eight editions of the newspaper published across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as well as two editions respectively in the cities of Bangalore and Chennai. Deccan Chronicle is also read by a large number of non-resident Indians living in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Singapore. 

Deccan Chronicle is a popular choice for millions of readers and is hailed as a trusted source of news from the region, the rest of India and around the world. It is an authentic source of news for readers from all walks of life, young and old alike. Along with presenting the latest news from across the country and the world, Deccan Chronicle delivers a host of content spanning a variety of topics, such as entertainment, sports, technology, lifestyle, business, science and a dedicated editorial section. 

Deccan Chronicle Classified

So, why think twice before booking Deccan Chronicle classifieds?

As we have seen, the newspaper, owing to its range of content and its vast popularity, is an excellent choice for both individuals and businesses to reach out to their respective audiences. Classified ads have long been a mainstay of newspapers, being an effective and economical way for people to get their messages across to the people they want to reach.

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In the 1930s was founded a newspaper that would, in due time, grow to become one of India’s leading English language daily newspapers and of the foremost news brands in South India. Deccan Chronicle was founded by Rajagopal Mudaliar and over the decades, the newspaper has significantly contributed in shaping English language journalism in India.

With an estimated circulation of more than 1.5 million copies of the newspaper on average per day, Deccan Chronicle is the trusted choice for a large number of people. Today, Deccan Chronicle is the most widely circulated English language daily newspaper in India’s southern states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. With a total readership of more than 1.1 million people, it is safe to say that Deccan Chronicle enjoys a loyal reader following across the rest of India and even abroad. The newspaper is a favourite among non-resident Indians residing in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Singapore. 

The newspaper delivers the latest news and the hottest trending stories from India and around the world, along with a vast selection of news content from a variety of topics such as entertainment, sports, technology, lifestyle, business, science, astrology, as well as dedicated opinion pages and a section for editor’s picks. Its wide assortment of content makes it a newspaper that offers something for every taste. 

DC Matrimonial Ad

In India, despite the evolution of society, culture and technology, arranged marriages are still the norm as they are widely practiced across the country. Marriages are viewed as major life events where a bride and a groom come together to embark on a new chapter in their lives together. A marriage is not just a symbol of the coming together of the bride and groom, but signifies the union of their respective families as well. It is for this reason that families place such great importance in finding the most suitable partners for their children.

So how can a Deccan Chronicle matrimonial help you? Let us tell you how!

Deccan Chronicle is a newspaper with a large and loyal reader base. Newspapers are an integral part of Indian cultural life and are regarded as authentic and reliable sources of information. It’s no wonder that newspaper matrimonials are immensely popular among families looking for a suitable bride or groom. 

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3 Reasons why you should advertise in Deccan Chronicle newspaper

Are you confused about which newspaper you should choose for advertising your property, for a bride for your son or for promoting your business? Deccan Chronicle is the answer!

Deccan Chronicle is a leading daily newspaper in India, which was founded in 1938. The newspaper has about eight editions and is circulated in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chennai and Bengaluru.

Advertise in Deccan Chronicle Newspaper

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose Deccan Chronicle for advertising-

  1. Deccan Chronicle, is one of the most widely read newspapers in India, has a readership of approximately 10.88 lakhs. It is a very widely read newspaper in the southern part of India. Deccan Chronicle has a variety of supplements which are popular among all the people of all age groups and each supplement targets specific demography. So if you choose Deccan Chronicle for advertisement and opt for the right edition, it will surely reach your target audience. 
  2. You can make the most out of your advertising venture by advertising in the Deccan Chronicle as it has a circulation of about 1,333,668 copies daily as recorded by the Audit Bureau of Circulation. releaseMyAd is the largest INS accredited newspaper advertising agency, through which you can  book classified and display ads in Deccan Chronicle at cheap and affordable rates. You can customize your ads and book ads under various categories which include matrimonial, property, business, recruitment, and others at the flick of a switch. 
  3. You can publish all types of advertisements in Deccan Chronicle like classified text ads, classified display and Display ads. There are multiple categories under which you can publish your ad in the newspaper as per your requirement. Additionally, Deccan Chronicle provides a range of attractive discounts and combo packages for booking advertisements through releaseMyAd.

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Here are the Best offers for matrimonial Ads in Deccan Chronicle!

Deccan Chronicle is a widely read newspaper with circulation numbers of approximately 1,33,3668 in Andhra Pradesh, Telanagana and other major cities in India. You can easily book Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial classified text or classified display ad within the shortest deadlines at releaseMyAd. There are various additional benefits on booking matrimonial advertisements in this newspaper. Here are the best offers for matrimonial ads in Deccan Chronicle:

  1. Coimbatore Rs.150 / 20 Words
  2.  Hyderabad- Rs.500 / 20 Words

Discount Packages:

  1. Deccan Chronicle (AP  Editions + Coimbatore+ Bangalore + Chennai) – Rs. 1,180/20 words
  2. Deccan Chronicle (Bangalore +  Hyderabad + Chennai)- Rs 940/ 20 words
  3. Deccan Chronicle (AP Editions + Kochi + Coimbatore)- Rs 890/ 20 words
  4. Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad + Bangalore)- Rs 720/ 20 words
  5. Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial Special (All Andhra Pradesh Locations)- Rs 600/ 20 words
Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial Ad

There are more such offers, which will help you to reach more audiences at low rates! You just have to choose the package wisely.

For booking Matrimonial Classified or display Ads for Deccan Chronicle follow these steps:

  1. Choose your preferred ad type, either classified text ad or classified display advertisement. Then select Deccan Chronicle as your choice of newspaper and specify the location, where you want to publish the ad in. 
  2. Select Matrimonial as your advertisement under Deccan Chronicle
  3. Check out the above ad rates for Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial Advertisements, you will also find these in from there you can choose the best offer as per your requirement.

There are no extra costs in online booking of Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial classified ads. There are multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. All these payments are SSL encrypted and are completely secure. You can also pay offline via cheque or cash. Do not forget to check out the special offers and packages table, before booking the Deccan Chronicle Matrimonial ads.

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Here’s how you can book Classified ads in the Deccan Chronicle!

Deccan Chronicle is a very popular English language daily newspaper in India and one of the best newspapers to book your ads. It has a large number of readers and you can easily reach your target audience, if you book an ad in this newspaper. But are you confused about how to book classified advertisements in Deccan Chronicle online? Here’s the answer!

Deccan Chronicle Classifieds
  1. First visit releaseMyAd and select your ad type as Classified Text or Classified Display and then proceed to choose the category under which you want the ad to appear, property, business, recruitment or any other category. 
    • Classified Text Ads: These are simple text ads and only contain text. To ensure visibility, they can be highlighted with a tick or by writing in bold. Colours and various backgrounds can be used to attract the attention of the reader. Classified Text Ads are charged on the number of words, lines and characters used in the advertisement.
    • Classified Display Ads: These ads include an image or a logo along with text. They are a little more expensive and more attractive. They can be printed either in color or in black and white These ads are charged on the basis of size i.e. per sq. cm
  2. Compose your advertisement according to your choice and then you can view the preview of the ad, to know how it will look in the newspaper. There are also a variety of templates available for the design of your advertisement for you to choose from. Thereafter, the preview of your advertisement will be shown and you can view the estimated rates. releaseMyAd provides classified advertising in the Deccan Chronicle at cheap and affordable rates.
  3. Choose the preferred release date and pay via online or offline mode. You will instantly receive a confirmation email with all the details.  The online options include Credit/ Debit Cards, Net banking, and the offline options include Demand Drafts, Cheques and NEFT (Online Cash Transfer) to Cash Collection from home and offices.

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