Have you lost your passport? Here’s what you need to do!

A passport is without a doubt one of the most important documents that a person can have. Not only does it serve as a proof of identity, a proof of one’s address, a proof of one’s date of birth and even as a proof of citizenship, a passport is a document that makes international travel possible. Without a passport, one will not be able to travel to practically any country in the world. 

Needless to say, people travel for a variety of reasons, such as for work, for tourism, for pilgrimages and even to move to another country. However, it may so happen that one may misplace or lose one’s passport. In such a situation, obtaining a fresh passport becomes extremely important. The first thing one needs to do is publish a lost passport advertisement in newspaper. 

Lost Passport Ad in Newspaper

Misplacing or losing a document as crucial as a passport will undoubtedly cause a lot of stress and tension in a person. Fortunately, help is at hand, and by booking an advertisement for lost certificates will help you obtain a duplicate passport easily. 

Publishing such an advertisement in a newspaper is a requirement that is stipulated by law. This is done to ensure that claims for misplaced or lost documents are genuine and not fraudulent. In order to obtain a fresh passport, a person will need to file an FIR at a local police station and book an ad for loss of documents in at least two newspapers. One of those newspapers needs to be in the English language, and one needs to be a regional language newspaper in the language of the state or Union Territory that a person is a resident of. 

A passport lost advertisement in newspaper serves two purposes. Not only is it a bonafide declaration that a passport has been lost, but it is also a call to action to the public that in case they happen to discover the lost passport, they should get in touch with the rightful owner and duly arrange its return, whether in person or by mail, depending on the circumstances.

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