Looking to book a lost and found advertisement in Delhi? Let us help you!

It may sometimes happen that we misplace or are unable to find certain items of value, such as personal belongings or any forms of documentation, such as an identity card, driving license, examination mark sheet or title deed. These documents are extremely valuable and retrieval is crucial, and this is why people need to book a lost and found advertisement. These misplacements can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as moving from one house to another, travelling or loss in transit on account of carelessness or mishandling. 

Therefore, in order to obtain duplicates or replacements of these documents or items, such as passports, student identity cards, bank documents, share certificates, college degree certificates and many others, certain legal requirements need to be fulfilled. Publishing a lost and found advertisement in a newspaper is one of them. 

Lost and Found Ad

A lost and found advertisement is an announcement made to the public about something that has been lost, stolen or misplaced as well as to inform the public if such an item has been found or located. Publishing a lost and found ad achieves two purposes, namely, giving the public a call to action to inform the advertiser in case a missing item has been found, or to announce to the public the news of a located item so that the rightful owner may contact the person concerned and retrieve it. These ads help to provide information both ways, hence ‘lost’ and ‘found’.

By publishing a lost and found advertisement, one can reach out to a large number of people and make them aware of an item that has been lost or retrieved. As mentioned above, these ads help to bring knowledge of missing items to the public as well as to facilitate their recovery so that they may be duly returned. 

In India, newspapers are a staple in pretty much every household. Lost and found ads are effective in getting information to a large number of people and maximising the chances of the right person seeing the ad and acting on it accordingly. They fulfil a legal requirement as obtaining duplicates or fresh copies of certain documents requires that an FIR be filed at a local police station as well as a lost and found ad be published in a local newspaper. 

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How can a lost and found ad help you? Let us tell you!

Sometimes we tend to misplace certain valuable items, such as personal belongings or important documents such as a proof of identification due to circumstances like shifting from one house to another, travelling, or loss in transit due to carelessness or mishandling. These items are of great importance or of sentimental value and need to be recovered. If recovery of an item or document is not possible, duplicates of such items or documents need to be arranged for. 

Obtaining duplicates or replacements of certain documents such as passports, university marksheets, degree certificates, share certificates etc. require the fulfilment of some legal requirements. Publishing a lost and found ad in a newspaper is one such requirement.

Lost and Found Ads in Newspaper

Lost and found advertisements are, essentially, an announcement made to the public about an item that has been lost or misplaced, and also to inform the public if such an item has been found. The basic purpose of lost and found ads is to inform the public about missing or retrieved items so as to facilitate their return to their rightful owners. These ads bring the knowledge of a misplaced or retrieved item to the attention of the public so that whoever has located the item can promptly get in touch with the person who is looking for it. 

Publishing a lost and found advertisement in newspapers helps to make as many people as possible aware of the lost or retrieved item so as to maximise chances of the right person seeing the ad and taking action on it accordingly. Lost and found ads in newspapers are effective as they bring the public’s attention to the misplaced or discovered item, they fulfil legal requirements and they facilitate the obtaining of duplicates when accompanied by an FIR filed at a local police station. 

To write an effective lost and found ad, here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Clearly mention the item that has been lost or found and provide a brief description of it.
  • Mention the correspondence address as well as phone number.
  • If any reward or incentive is offered, mention it clearly.
  • Use language that is simple, concise and easy to understand.

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Finding it difficult to Book Lost and Found in Loksatta Newspaper! Know the Easy Steps to Book

Booking a Lost and Found ad in Loksatta newspaper has never been easier and pocket friendly.

You’ve already lost something important and now you have to go through the whole process of getting a fresh copy issued of the same document. releaseMyAd knows how tiresome it can be but, given for our services at least, you won’t have to worry about publishing the ad for your lost document.

Lost and found ads are given for the sole purpose of announcing that you have lost some document or certificates or any legal file, maybe informing the general public about whom to contact in case the mentioned document is found. These ads are a kind of legal requirement, and you are asked to show the newspaper cutting after publication to the authority, whom you have asked to issue a new certificate.

Documents required:

As Loksatta lost found ads are a kind of legal formality so you do have to furnish the publication house with a First Information Report (FIR) or a General Diary with the local Police Station or an affidavit through a notary public.

For cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune you can register your lost complaint online by visiting the State Police department website.

Sample format and composing tips.

Sample Ads in Loksatta Newspaper

You can edit you matter in the following samples that is provided in releaseMyAd website.

You can check various other samples that are available in English as well as Marathi, serving different purposes.

How to book Lost and Found Ads in Loksatta?

You can book the ad in 3 simple steps. releaseMyAd allows you to book the ad online by sitting at your place in a very cost effective way.

  • Click on the link https://loksatta.releasemyad.com/rates/lost-and-found and select classified text,then select the city for which you want to book the ad.You can book the ad in as low cost as Rs 45 for 20 words.
  • Compose the ad by editing the samples.
  • Select the dates and make payment online or offline. Upload the documents for confirmation.

In case of any queries you can get in touch with our agents at +91 9830629298 and get your ad booked through them. Every document is thoroughly checked in releaseMyAd so that our customers can be relieved of any future discrepancies.

Why Place Lost and Found Ad in Sakshi Newspaper?

Hey There!

Are you worried because you lost something?


Somebody once said –

“Nobody gets through life without losing a few things on the way.”

Now you might say that you didn’t lose any random thing that can be made or purchased again. You have lost something very important. That can be a School Certificate or a Property will or maybe your Passport. Still sit back with a calm mind as productive decisions and panic don’t work together. 

If you have lost any of your important legal documents, You should take two immediate steps :

  1. Make an FIR
  2. Publish a Lost And Found ad.

Lost And Found ads are generally classified text ads which are placed with the primary expectation of finding out something lost. But to obtain a second copy of the document lost from the concerned authorities, you need to put an advertisement in the local newspaper of yours.

If you are based in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana and you want to place a Lost And Found ad or you want to place the ad in a Telugu paper, choose Sakshi to make the process hassle-free and cost-effective. Sakshi Lost And Found are one of the cheapest Telugu language newspaper ads which have a convincing penetration in the market of Telugu Newspapers with an overall circulation of more than 1.09 million. 

Lost and Found Ads in Sakshi

Sakshi Lost And Found ad booking has become less time consuming with releaseMyAd, as it gives you the facility to book the ad online but to book a Sakshi Lost And Found ad you need to get the FIR done first which is not more than 6 months old.

To file the FIR complaint you need to visit the local police station. Your FIR must be having the proper stamp of the police station authorities.

For states like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, you can file the FIR complaint online by visiting the website of the state Police Department.

To be valid for the submission, Lost and Found Advertisement has to be drafted accurately mentioning all details in the notice advertisement. So draft your ad referring Lost & Found Ad Samples provided in releaseMyAd’s website, while composing your ad.

Some of the Composing Tips are :

  • Ensure that the details of the item which is lost is mentioned properly.
  • You can also mention the locality where you have lost your item.
  • Mention proper address or phone no in case if the item is found & could be returned.

Book Sakshi Lost And Found Ad through releaseMyAd in few easy steps by maintaining the following procedure :

  1. Click on https://sakshi.releasemyad.com/rates/lost-and-found
  2. Select your ad type and edition of Publishing.
  3. After Proceeding to Step 2, Choose your language and compose your ad, with the assistance of the samples given (If needed).
  4. Provide your contact number and proceed to Step 3.
  5. Select your preferred dates, Upload your required document, Create your account and make payments to get instant confirmation of your ad booking.

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Now book Lost and Found in Dainik Jagran Newspaper in a simplified way

Dainik Jagran, one of the most read Newspapers of India is also known for its reliable information. A huge number of people enjoy reading it everyday. It is also very effective in conveying announcements at affordable prices and so it is an excellent choice for publishing Lost & Found Ads in Dainik Jagran. Lost & Found Ads inform about the loss of valuable belongings of a person. 

Lost and Found Ads in Dainik Jagran

Documents required for Lost & Found Ads :

  1. An FIR from a Police Station or
  2. A Notarised Affidavit from Court with details about the lost items.

The Document must not be more than 6 months from the date of booking and be duly stamped & signed.

How to Book a Dainik Jagran Lost & found Ad :

  1. Select Text Ad or Classified Display Ad ,
  2. Select the relevant Location ,
  3. Create the matter with specific details about the objects lost ,
  4. There is an option to select Background Colors to highlight the Advertisement, opt for it if you feel necessary ,
  5. Upload the Documents after selecting the Dates ,
  6. Make the Payment.

Tips to Compose : 

  1. Give proper spacing between words ,
  2. Give Certificate/ID/Roll Number to ensure fast recovery or re-issue.

Samples :

  1. खोयी LLB DEGREE CCS UNIVERSITY मेरठ मिले संपर्क करें:(अड्रेस / पता ) / xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  1. This is to bring to your kind notice that, (Name), s/o (Name) Address: (Address), our Land Deed is Missing (from/since) (Date). If found kindly return to the above address.

About releaseMyAd :

  1. releaseMyAd gives you Hassle-free and instant Ad booking services that you can do on your own ,
  2. It gives you best offers and rates ,
  3. No hidden or extra costs are charged for booking an Ad.

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