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Lokmat is one of India’s most well known regional language newspapers. It is a Marathi language newspaper that was founded by Jawaharlal Darda in the year 1971. The name of the newspaper translates to ‘People’s Opinion’ and it is immensely popular among the Marathi speaking people across the states of Maharashtra and Goa, in which it is a leading news publication. 

It is estimated that on any given day there are more than 1.6 million copies of the newspaper in circulation, catering to a large, loyal and engaged reader base. The reader base of Lokmat is estimated to be more than 20 million people in total across not just Maharashtra and Goa, but among Marathi speaking communities located in various other parts of India as well. As a matter of fact, Lokmat is the second most widely read newspaper in the entirety of the country!

On each day, there are 12 editions of Lokmat that are published from various locations across the state of Maharashtra. These printing locations are in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Nagpur, Solapur, Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli, Ahmednagar Akola and Jalgaon. There is also a Goa edition of Lokmat, published specifically for the Marathi speaking readers in the state of Goa. 

Lokmat also publishes a Hindi language daily newspaper, which is known as Lokmat Samachar, and it is available in three editions. This newspaper also happens to be the most popularly read Hindi newspaper in the entire state of Maharashtra!

Lokmat publishes an English language daily newspaper too. This newspaper is called Lokmat Times. It is published from the cities of Aurangabad, Nagpur and Nashik, and it is estimated that more than five million people across the region read this newspaper. 

Advertise in Lokmat Newspaper

Providing readers with the latest news from the region, the rest of India and around the world, Lokmat is a newspaper that provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the latest events and trending stories. Along with the latest news stories, Lokmat also provides readers with an assortment of content spanning diverse topics of interest. These topics include entertainment, sports, lifestyle, politics, technology and several others.

This wide range of content makes Lokmat a newspaper that has something to cater to every taste and every preference, and for this reason, booking a Lokmat advertisement is what will help you reach wider!

Newspapers are an integral part of the socio-cultural lives of Indian people, and are regarded as authentic and reliable sources of information. Advertisements in print media too have a higher power to persuade, and classified ads are as easy to book as they are cost effective. 

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