Fulfil a legal requirement with maximum reach through a Public Notice Ad!

The term ‘public notice’ refers to advertisements which are published with the intention of providing information to the public regarding matters that are of interest and/or concern to the members of said public. These ads are generally a legal requirement, and it is likewise stipulated by law that they need to be published in newspapers.

By publishing public notice ads in newspapers, one not only fulfils a legal requirement but these ads also serve to inform the public and spread awareness regarding an issue. Public notice ads may be given to the public either by an individual or by an organisation with the purpose of making the public aware of information regarding certain legal proceedings. Such ads convey information regarding events of interest to the public at large and are typically issued by a profit-seeking corporation, a government company or a legislative authority. 

Public Notice Ads on Newspaper

Public notice advertisements serve to inform the public of decisions taken or proposals made. In turn, this helps members of the public make informed choices about the subject matter of the public notice, if such subject matter is of relevance to them. The objective of providing these notices is to ensure that the general public has the opportunity to influence relevant decisions taken by organisations and governing authorities. Public notice ads, therefore, are an integral component of a healthy democratic society. 

Public notices have been around for centuries, long before newspapers were invented. The original concept of public notices goes back to the time when notices were posted in public squares. Since then, the concept has undergone evolutions and it was in the first English language newspaper – called The Oxford Gazette – that public notice ads in newspaper became the norm as we know it today. 

Newspapers have, over the ages, become a highly versatile component of print media that serves to inform readers about the latest news while simultaneously providing them with a variety of other information of interest, as well as to persuade through advertisements. They are regarded as an authentic and reliable source of information and are a staple in modern Indian households. Therefore, public notices are published in newspapers as they reach a large number of people at once. 

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