Do Your Newspaper Ads Grab Attention Fast Enough?

Among the factors considered in promoting an Ad, Advertisers nowadays are more concerned about the thing called ‘ATTENTION’. Experts claim that day by day due to an over-exposure to information everywhere around us, our attention span is drastically reducing. 

It is becoming increasingly tough for Organisations to grab the attention of customers and influence them. They have to spend a considerable amount of their resources in finding ways to be noticed and remembered. 

Certain techniques that may be helpful in this respect could be as listed below :

  1. Know the Customers: Before creating an Ad Content it is crucial to have a good knowledge of the Age, Gender, Education, Income, Social Background, interests of the Target Group to create an appropriate and engaging Advertisement Message. 
  2. Keep it simple: For any type of Advertising, the rule is to keep the Ad content simple and easy to understand. The idea of the Inverted Pyramid can be employed to build the Ad layout. 
  3. Be the Solution: Position yourself as a solution to their problems. Show them how efficient you are but do not exaggerate. Describe the benefits that they may receive from you. 
  4. Emotions are Important: To convert and retain your customers, try connecting with them emotionally. Use the elements of surprise and humour in your Ad. If the Customers find your Ad amusing and not boring, then they will definitely remember you. 
  5. Use Images: Pictures can be used to spread a message. Many times, Companies use this option instead of words to convey something. This can be a good idea to catch their attention just like this Coca Cola Ad which asks you to share it.
  6. Headline and CTA: Add a good Headline to your Ad. It is the foremost feature that alone may help the Customer to decide if they would continue to read or shift their focus to something else. 

An engaging Call-to-Action line is again of great value to drive your Customers to action.

Effective Attention to the Advertisement leads to convincing. If you can retain attention, then there are high chances that the information will be shared by the people within their social circles generating favourable responses. releaseMyAd, in the same way, helps its customers to come up with an ideal marketing strategy and Advertising content. 
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