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Mid Day is a morning daily Indian newspaper. It is most appealing to the youth of India, Mid-day lets you capture the young audience more so than any other newspaper.

  • Why Advertise In Midday Newspapers?

Mid-day has a readership of over 5 lakh.With a wide range of categories to choose from, publishing an ad in all formats keeping the budget in mind Midday is a very good choice for a newspaper advertisement,For example if you are looking for a job then they can contact the advertiser directly from the classified section in the newspaper.

Midday mostly covers the Mumbai region providing 3 different languages( English, Gujarati and Urdu)to advertise in.

  • How To Book An Ad  In A Midday Newspaper?

Booking Display ad with releaseMyAd is quite easy & Simple, There are two ways you can book an appointment ad easily through releaseMyAd.

Display Appointment ads in MiD Day BIg Break
  • Visit
  • Select your suitable location (Like Mumbai)or you can choose our Exciting discounted package available as per your budget & proceed accordingly.
  • Enter Name, Contact No. & Email Id.
  • Select Ad Type as (Display)
  • Select Ad Design (you can take help from sample ad text just given beside the compose area) or you can upload your own designed matter.
  • select page preference & compose ad matter if selected.
  • select the Date, choose preferable offers If available 
  • Preview Ad cost
  • make payment online through NEFT or Debit Card, Google pay etc whichever is suitable for you. 
  • With the help of an executive Department
    • Send your matter through Mail, WhatsApp or Chat to any executive
    • Wait till the Rates Given by our expert executive
    • Executive team sends the Ad matter to the in-house designing team & once the design is complete it is sent to the customer for approval.
    • After approval of the ad matter payment is made by the customer through NEFT or Debit Card, Google pay etc 
  • Focus Day

Midday Big Break is a weekly supplement that focuses on recruitment advertisements. This supplement is published everyday. 

  • Minimum & Maximum Ad Size

The minimum ad size to book a display ad in Midday Big Break is 8 cm width x 4cm height & the maximum ad size is full page size – 25.5 cm width x 26 height.

So why wait, book your recruitment ad in Midday Big Break now at cheapest rates!!!

  • Designing Ad Creative 

Booking an ad in Midday Big Break  is really very easy with releaseMyAd as our portal is very first of its kind as it is a user friendly comprehensive online advertising booking platform designed in such a way so that advertisers can book their Display ad directly at lowest rates depending on Different category & size without any hassle.

Confuse about the designing of your ad matter, don’t worry. At we have our own expert designing team who are always there to help & guide you with your ad designing of your choice at free of cost. All you get to do is provide us the proper ad matter along with the logo & rest leave to us.

Even if you want to upload your own designed matter, you can do the same.

  • Page Preferences & Different Page Sizes.

  The page preference for booking ad in Midday Big Break is:

Any pageThird PageBack PageFront Page

The Different Page Sizes For Midday Big Break is:

Full page size25.5 cm width x 26 height
half page 25.5 cm x 15 cm 

So why wait place your ad according to given ad size & page preference according to your choice & budget at affordable price with

  • Pricing & Deadline

Pricing of every display ad depends on edition, page preference, ad Type(color/ b/w) & ad size.

Like for example: if you’re booking a display ad in Mumbai edition(Ad Rate: Rs.279/ sq cm) ad size: 8cm x 5cm, ad type: color &  you select any page option then the cost is 11718(including GST)approx.

To get the best booking experience, place your ad through releaseMyAd, we provide the best negotiable rate in the market like no other.

To avoid Ad miss, Book your ad in Midday Big Break  with Midday within the given time frame that is Two day earlier than the booking date.

  • Contact Details 

Have a query or a doubt  regarding the ad booking in Midday Big Break, just feel free to call us at 09830629298 or mail us at, our releaseMyAd executive team is always ready to help & Guide you

Steps you can follow while booking a Lost and Found ad in Midday Newspaper?

Booking a lost and found advertisement in midday with releaseMyAd is as easy as taking a walk in a park! Lets us see why & how you would consider giving a lost & found ad in a midday newspaper.

  • Why Lost & Found?

 Lost & found ad is the second most popular category coming under personal column. Let me walk you through an example as to why would you give a lost & found advertisement. Suppose you have lost your class 10 mark sheet when you were travelling in a local train. You appeal to the authorized education board say CBSE to issue you a duplicate of the lost mark sheet. The board asks you to file an FIR and a newspaper ad stating that you have lost the original mark sheet. This helps the board know that you have genuinely lost your said mark sheet and if anyone else finds it cannot misuse it in any form as it becomes invalid and the duplicate issued to you becomes the new original valid document.

Lost and Found Ads in Midday

Under such circumstances, you would have to give a lost & found ad in a newspaper.

For more details visit:

  • Documents Required / How To Apply

  Lost & Found in Midday newspaper can be given using any of the following documents.

  • FIR copy
  • General Diary (GD)
  • Notarized Affidavit.

 You can easily go to the nearest police station where you lost your item(s) and tell them you want to file an FIR or a GD for the lost item. They will guide you through the rest. Nowadays you can also file an FIR online. Just go to the respective police station website, for example, the Mumbai police station and follow the instructions.  Apart from this, you can also opt for a notarized affidavit stating the item(s) you have lost.

  • Execute the Affidavit on a Stamp Paper of Denomination of Rs. 10/- or as per the prescribed stamp duty as per your state.
  • Make the Affidavit attest and sealed by the Notary Public.

Make sure any of the above documents you are providing is not more than 6months old.

  • releaseMyAd, online ad booking platform
C:\Users\Adi\Desktop\download (1).png

  Started in 2009, releaseMyAd brought a revolution in the world of ad booking. It is the very first of its kind fully digital platform where you can easily book ad in a variety of newspapers, radio, tv and even the new trend in town social media platforms.

All leading newspapers circulating throughout India are listed under releaseMyAd. Offering advertisers a variety of options to choose from catering to their audience, geographical area and ad type. All this made it convenient from the comfort of your home. Only internet connectivity is all you need and rest is done by our excellent task force working to provide you with the best service. 

Worried about it being costly? Don’t worry it is also affordable. Several discounted user-friendly packages and offers make your booking experience cost-effective as well as cost-saving! 

  • Format / Sample

A lost & found Ad should consist of

  • Your name
  • Detailed information about the item or items you have lost
  • Your full address
  • Your contact details(optional, if the full address is given)
  • Composing Tips
  • Ad matter is preferred start with “I
  • Items lost should be mentioned in ad matter
  • A phone number is preferred to be mentioned in ad matter for better response
  • Selecting proper enhancement, if any 
  • Count the number of words in ad matter properly
  • Lastly, the information provided in ad matter should be as per the document provided.
  • Ad Booking Steps
  • Contact Details:

Still not sure whether to book a Lost & Found ad in Midday or any other newspaper?

Mail us at, or call us on 09830629298.

Advertising in Mid-Day Newspaper has now become very easy!

With a wide range of categories to choose from, publishing an ad in all formats keeping the budget in mind Mid-day is a very good choice for a newspaper advertisement. Other than this advertising in Mid-day newspaper is easy & releaseMyAd makes it easier.

Why advertise in Mid-day  Newspaper?

Offering a variety of categories to choose from. For example, if you are looking to give a property ad but you want to choose a specific location more relevant to your property location with Mid-Day you can easily do that as they offer you a subheading stating the property location under the main property category. And with the help of our site releaseMyAd, you can easily do it with nominal and many discounted rates to choose from.

Midday is a rare newspaper which offers you to publish an ad in not only one but 3 different languages. English, Gujarati and Urdu languages in Mumbai.

Location Covered

Midday mostly covers the Mumbai region providing 3 different languages to advertise in.  It is a popular read among the youth for its trendy format and appeal.

Mid Day Newspaper Ads

How To Book An Ad Mid-day Newspaper?

  • Select your ad type(classified or display)
  • Select your category(recruitment,property,matrimonial etc)
  • Select your discounted packages suiting your budget.
  • Compose your ad matter taking help from sample ads given just beside the compose area.
  • Select a subcategory which is more specific with your ad, you can also choose special enhancements like colour, tick etc.
  • Select dates for publishing and make payment online through NEFT or debit card.
  • And Walla! Leave the rest to releaseMyAd executives to handle.

Different Ad Formats:

  • Classified Text Ad: Ads consisting only of text no pictures but in Mid-day, you can use enhancements like colour to make it more appealing. These ads are the most affordable. 
  • Classified Display: Smaller than a display but better than a test ad. These ads consist of text with pictures.
  • Display Ad: The best visually appealing format of an ad in a newspaper. If you are not on a budget this is the format for the most attraction from the consumer.

Ad Booking Steps:

   Booking an Ads in Mid-day using releaseMyAd is easy!

Contact Details

  Still confused or doubtful about placing an ad in Mid-day or any other newspaper?

Mail us at, or call us on 09830629298. Our executives are here to help you!

Book Ads on Mid Day Newspaper instantly

Every smart business owner is aware of the fact that advertising is indispensable to the success of any business.  It not only helps in promotion and sales but it also increases the visibility of your brand. But the question remains, where to start from?  Many advertisers don’t have the clue so they often end up spending lot of money trying on different advertising platforms.

There is few serious dilemma that every advertiser confront while advertising in newspapers like how to advertise, in which medium to advertise, what will be advertising cost and so on. Well, newspaper advertising is the only solution to all of these queries.   By advertising in Mid-Day newspaper, one can reach out to the millions living in the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Mid-Day is one of the leading Indian daily newspaper published in different editions from Mumbai and Pune. The newspaper is circulated in major metropolitan cities in three different languages – English, Urdu and Gujarati. According to the Audit Bureau of circulation, this newspaper has a reader base of over 5 lakh, only for the English edition alone. Besides news and information, this newspaper covers stories on diverse topics ranging from sports, business, education, health lifestyle, films, fashion etc. which has helped them to gather a strong reader base from different communities.

Mid Day advertisement helps the readers in multiple ways for instance if someone is looking for a job then they can browse through the classified pages of the newspaper. In Mid-day newspaper advertisers can book ads under various categories which include matrimonial, property, recruitment, business, public notices and tenders, marriage notices etc.

releaseMyAd helps you to book ads on Mid Day Newspaper online. With the aim to make advertising easy for the clients, we brought the entire marketplace at your fingertips enabling the advertisers to choose from a wide range of options to fulfil their advertising goals.  Our portal is designed in such a way so that anyone can book their ads without our help. releaseMyAd simplifies your advertising experience by saving time and money.  We are authorised by INS, the main governing council of media publications, so the publication house sends us direct ad rates without any extra commission charge.

releaseMyAd Ad booking process: Our ad booking process is very simple; it will take only a few minutes to book your ad. So follow these 4 steps below:

1)  Visit our website (

2)  Select your preferred newspaper, category and city

3)  Share your creative with us and choose the publication dates

4)  Now proceed to make the payment through our various online or offline modes available on our website.

In case you find any difficulty in booking your ad feel free to call us at 09830629298 or write us at Our executives will get back to you within 24 hours.