Advertising in Loksatta Newspaper in an effective & easy manner!

Loksatta published by Indian Express Group was first launched on January 14, 1948. Loksatta is a daily Marathi newspaper and has its editions for Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Delhi.

It is one of the most trustable newspapers in Maharashtra and provides comprehensive coverage of the latest happenings in the society with analysis and opinions from renowned experts from their respective fields.

Why book an ad in Loksatta?

You can consider advertising on Loksatta newspaper as booking an ad in Loksatta is very cheap, it is one of the most economical newspapers as it has a lot of credibilities. It has a high circulation in Maharashtra. Since a local newspaper has its reach in cities as well as suburbs and thus you are certain that your ad will reach to the masses.

Loksatta Classified

Types of the ad in Loksatta:

Three types of Loksatta advertisement are Classified Text, Classified Display and Display.

Classified Text:

These types of ads are simple text, running on line and are the most economical type of newspaper advertisement. These are the most widely used ads by individuals for Matrimonials, Property sale or purchase or for recruitment and various others.

Classified Display:

These types of ads are designed and maybe colourful along with some picture or logo. These types of ads can be single or multi-column depending on the individual. These ads are slightly expensive and are more eye-catching and are charged on the area they cover in the newspaper.


Ads that you see on every page except the classified page are display ads. These ads are generally put up by companies to advertise their product or service or for appointments too. These ads are premium ads and are quite expensive compared to classified ads.

How to book the ad?

Now that you get everything at your doorstep, even booking an ad is just a few clicks away. releaseMyAd has been working to make the ad booking process simpler for over a decade now. You can book Loksatta newspaper ad online through releaseMyAd, an authorised agent for Loksatta.

Follow the 3 step process of ad booking.

  • Click on the link and select the type of ad you want to book.
  • Select the ad category for which you want to book the ad. Once you’ve selected the category you need to select the city you want to book the ad for or any specific discounted package you want to book for.
  • Compose the ad in the compose ad section.
  • Select the dates and make payment online or offline.

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Book Obituary ad in Loksatta Newspaper in a few easy steps!

Obituaries are our way to honor our loved ones who are no longer with us.

You must express your love, respect and condolences for your loved ones and releaseMyAd can help you get through this difficult time.

Placing a Loksatta obituary advertisement can help you inform your friends, family and other acquaintances about the sad demise of your loved one. You can also share the details about memorial services and funeral arrangements through an obituary ad.

Documents required:

Documents like Death Certificate of the deceased or a Doctors Note or a Cremation Slip are required by the publishing house.You can put up Loksatta obituary ads in two formats:

Obituary Ads in Loksatta Newspaper
  • Single Column: Single column ads are quite economical and have a fixed column length although, the height can be adjusted as per the ad content. The total cost depends on the total area and charges are fixed per sq cm.
  • Multi Column: In Multi Column ads both height and width can be adjusted and the charges are fixed per sq cm area however, per sq rates for  multi column ads can be slightly higher. You can put up your ad in either Marathi or English.

You can put  obituary ads in Loksatta through releaseMyAd. releaseMyAd provides you an online portal through which you can book the ad in a few clicks. You just have to provide the documents and share the picture along with ad content.

Here is how you can book the ad in simple steps:

  • Click on the link , click on the city for which you want to book the ad.
  • You have to share your details,and then proceed for the type of ad you want to book. You can book single or multiple column ads. Upload the picture and content.
  •  Select the dates and make payment online. Upload the documents for verification. Since obituary ads are usually booked in urgency therefore our executives are there to process your ad up till 7 pm for the ad to be released next morning.

Some tips that can help you form your content are:

  • Mention the correct name, as in Death Certificate
  • Mention the correct Birth Date and Date of Passing.
  • You can put up a poem or a quote that reminds you of your beloved.
  • You can also share some of the achievements or Positions of honor if any hold by the deceased.
  • You can mention  Memorial or Funeral information.

 Loksatta obituary ad booking can be done fastest and in the most cost effective and hassle free way through releaseMyAd . You can also check the Loksatta obituary ad rates on our website or call our executive, who will guide you through process and even book the ad for you at +91 9830629298

Book Name Change Ad in Loksatta Newspaper effortlessly!

Looking for a Change of Name ad in a daily local newspaper in Maharashtra? Loksatta change of name advertisement can be your best possible option. Be it for any purpose like you’ve recently got married and there is a surname change in your name, or you have to get a passport and you’ve been asked by the authorities to place a name change ad in local as well as national newspaper or there was some mistake in the spelling of your name in one of your documents and you’ve been guided to give a name change ad for a fresh issue of that document/certificate.

Well, as cumbersome as it may sound, to book a Change of Name ad is the simplest when compared to any other type of ad. There is just a prescribed format that you need to follow and releaseMyAd an INS accredited agency can guarantee you that this is even gonna be easier than the last item you purchased through any  E Commerce website.

Format of Change of Name ads:

For booking a Change of Name ad you can just edit your matter by copying and pasting these formats(also available in releaseMyAd website)

Name Change Ads in Loksatta
  • Sample 1: I, (Old Name) S/O (Father’s Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place
  • Sample 2: मी, (जुने नाव) D/O मोहन कृष्णा हारोडे, राहणार भूतेश्वर नगर, लाल शाळे जवळ, गंगाबाई घाट रोड, नागपूर- ०२, दि. २७.०८.२०१८ रोजीच्या शपथपत्र क्र. ४०७ ऑफ ८/२०१८ प्रमाणे माझे नाव बदलून (नवीन नाव) केलेले आहे.
  • Sample 3: मी, (जुने नाव) अंबिलधोक, माझे नाव बदलून (नवीन नाव) केले आहे. मी 15/10/2018 रोजी शपथविधीत शपथ घेतली .

Please do check the composing tips while Loksatta name change ad booking .

releaseMyAd has simplified the ad booking process, you can book the ad online in 3 simple steps by paying a charge as low as Rs 45 for 20 words. Please follow the steps to book the ad online.

  • Click on the link and select classified text and the city for which you want to book the ad.
  • Compose the ad in any sample, keeping in check with the composing tips.
  • Select the dates and make payment. Upload the documents for confirmation.

Documents and deadlines for booking name change ads in Loksatta newspaper.

You can book your ad for any day but make sure you make the payment and provide documents 2 days prior to your release date.

For documentation Scan copy of complete notarised affidavit is required (It should not be more than 6 months old).

Since a Loksatta name change ad is required for legal purposes you can simply not ignore the credibility of the agency you are booking the ad through. When booked through releaseMyAd each document is verified twice to avoid any future discrepancies. releaseMyAd has served over 325000 customers because of its cost effective solution to all advertisement problems. In any case if you want to clarify anything you can chat online or call our experts at +91 9830629298 .

Quick pro tip: Please keep a newspaper cutting of your ad, as you can be asked to furnish the same during your lifetime.