Need to place your ad in the Vasturang Supplement of Loksatta? Know how!

Many newspapers are giving you the national as well as international current affairs. But have you ever wondered going through your daily paper why it has not featured important news that might have happened very close to your locality that might have been much more vital than the national news. Vasturang supplement of Loksatta is made just for that purpose. Loksatta makes it a point to feature all the major local news and events that deserve to be covered and shed light on as much as the national and international news through this special supplement. This lets the readers be aware of the latest happenings of their locality which otherwise would have gone unnoticed by many.

Vasturang supplement comes out every Saturday with a deadline of 2 days prior publishing day that is Thursday. You can feature advertisements related to all categories you can for the main Loksatta daily. But the cost of featuring a display ad in Vasturang is much cheaper than in the main paper, giving your ad the same exposure as the main paper.

Ads in Loksatta Vasturang

You may feature your ad for Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Nagpur, Ahmednagar and Aurangabad at a minimum size of 8 cm width and 6 cm height. You can choose a predetermined size of half page (33 cm width x 25 cm height), full-page (33 cm width x 52 cm height), or customize it according to your choice.

Not only has this releaseMyAd also given you the freedom to have a page preference and get your ad creative designed from scratch by our designing team free of cost. Depending on the hue of the ad you can compare the pricing of the advertisement to your predetermined budget. 

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Advertise in Career Vrutant pullout of Loksatta at best rates!

Hire and get hired is what Career Vrutant pullout of Deccan Herald stands for. A pullout completely dedicated to the recruitment and career-oriented guidance crafted especially for the job seekers and recruiters looking for new talent to hire.

It makes it easier and convenient for readers to look for new career opportunities. This lets the readers avoid the hassle of searching through the whole newspaper for the recruitment section. By placing all recruitment advertisements in a single pullout, it makes the task convenient for the audience.

Career Vrutant pullout by Deccan Herald is published every Monday. The supplement features recruiters offering new and exciting job opportunities for job seekers. Along with that few experienced job seekers advertise their qualifications looking for suitable job openings for the recruiter to find them.The ad needs to be placed two days prior to the publishing day.

Loksatta Vrutant Display Ad Booking

Display advertisement in this supplement can be of a minimum size of 8 cm width x 6 cm height to a full page size of 33 cm (width) x 52 cm (height). You can also go for a half-page ad of  33 cm (width) x 25 cm (height) size or customize size as per your ad content.

To publish your ad in Career Vrutant pullout, you can choose from the locations like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Delhi. You can also decide to give a colourful or sophisticated black and white ad. 

Unlike giving an ad in the regular classified section among a cluster of advertisements of many other categories, a display ad in Career Vrutant gives your ad the full attention of your target audience. To book an ad for Career Vrutant you can visit our website by clicking on the link For the best-discounted rates, you can email us your ad details at or Call/Whatsapp 9356222541/09830629298. You can also opt for a 24×7 live chat option from our website for support.

Finding it difficult to Book Lost and Found in Loksatta Newspaper! Know the Easy Steps to Book

Booking a Lost and Found ad in Loksatta newspaper has never been easier and pocket friendly.

You’ve already lost something important and now you have to go through the whole process of getting a fresh copy issued of the same document. releaseMyAd knows how tiresome it can be but, given for our services at least, you won’t have to worry about publishing the ad for your lost document.

Lost and found ads are given for the sole purpose of announcing that you have lost some document or certificates or any legal file, maybe informing the general public about whom to contact in case the mentioned document is found. These ads are a kind of legal requirement, and you are asked to show the newspaper cutting after publication to the authority, whom you have asked to issue a new certificate.

Documents required:

As Loksatta lost found ads are a kind of legal formality so you do have to furnish the publication house with a First Information Report (FIR) or a General Diary with the local Police Station or an affidavit through a notary public.

For cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune you can register your lost complaint online by visiting the State Police department website.

Sample format and composing tips.

Sample Ads in Loksatta Newspaper

You can edit you matter in the following samples that is provided in releaseMyAd website.

You can check various other samples that are available in English as well as Marathi, serving different purposes.

How to book Lost and Found Ads in Loksatta?

You can book the ad in 3 simple steps. releaseMyAd allows you to book the ad online by sitting at your place in a very cost effective way.

  • Click on the link and select classified text,then select the city for which you want to book the ad.You can book the ad in as low cost as Rs 45 for 20 words.
  • Compose the ad by editing the samples.
  • Select the dates and make payment online or offline. Upload the documents for confirmation.

In case of any queries you can get in touch with our agents at +91 9830629298 and get your ad booked through them. Every document is thoroughly checked in releaseMyAd so that our customers can be relieved of any future discrepancies.

Advertise easily in the Loksatta Classified section!

Classified ads are the most widespread among any type of newspaper ads. As these ads are very cheap compared to the big display ads which are heavy on pockets, their return on investment is quite satisfactory.

Being a daily Marathi newspaper Loksatta has a thorough circulation even around the suburbs of main cities. Loksatta newspaper classifieds began in 1948 and are published by Indian Express Group.

Loksatta Classified

Classified ads in Loksatta is of the following two types:

Classified text: These are simple running ads that you see in the newspaper under various heads and subheads. These ads are charged based on the words and are the cheapest type of ad in the newspaper. Various categories available are Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property, Change of Name, Lost and found and others.

Classified Display: These ads are designed in a box and are of single or multi-column type. These ads are charged based on the area they occupy. Pictures and logo can be added to make the ad look appealing to the target audience. Popular categories are Recruitment, Public Notice, Court Notices, Tenders, Obituary ads, Remembrance ads and various others.

releaseMyAd has made Loksatta classified advertisement booking process as simple as any online shopping that you do. You can book the ad in 3 simple steps.

  • Click on the link and select the category in which you want to book the ad. You then need to select the type of you want to book and then the package and city option.
  • Compose your ad by typing the ad in case of Classified text and in case of Classified Display put the pre-designed template if any or type in your matter in the samples available.
  • You need to select the dates and make the payment.

In case you are confused about needing to get your ad booked, you can directly reach our expert at +91 9830629298.

Booking classified ads in Loksatta has never been easier and cheaper. But with releaseMyAd you get discounted packages of up to 50% and the facility of booking your ad by sitting at your home without any extra charges.

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Place Public Notice ad in Loksatta Newspaper!

Public Notice ads are the legal ads that are published by individuals or companies or by the government too. Parties to some legal proceedings, such as foreclosures, probate, and estate actions are sometimes required to publish public notices. For local government, public notice is often given by those seeking a liquor license, a rezoning or variance, or other minor approval which must be granted by a city council, county commission, or board of supervisors.

Sometimes you can be asked directly to publish your Public Notice in a daily marathi newspaper, in that case, the best option that you can choose is, Loksatta  public notice advertisement

Published by The Indian Express Group, Loksatta has more than 70 years of legacy and is therefore very trustable. When compared to other Marathi newspapers such as Maharashtra Times, Sakal, Divya Marathi and various other leading Marathi newspapers, Loksatta is your cost-effective option to publish your ad.

Documents required:

Loksatta Public Notice Ad

Booking Loksatta public notice ad will require any of the documents depending on the type of notice you are publishing.

  • Housing Society: In the scan copy of society letterhead ad matter should be written & it should be duly signed & stamped.
  • Tender Notice: Scan copy of Photo Id Proof is required.
  • General Public Notice: Requires a scanned copy of lawyer letterhead in which ad matter should be written & it should be duly signed & stamped (accompanied with a letter from the client, authorizing the lawyer to publish the ad on his/ her behalf. ).
  • Company Documents Misplaced/ Missing: Requires a scan copy of FIR & it should not be more than 6 months old.

In case you have any confusion regarding the documents, you can reach our expert at +91 9830629298 .

Booking a public notice ad has never been easier. You can book the public notice ads in Loksatta newspaper following some simple steps:

  • Click on the link and select the city for which you want to book the ad.
  • Compose your ad in a single or double column by typing the complete matter or if you have a pre designed template you can upload that as well.
  • You can then select the dates and upload the documents as required, make the payments to confirm the ad.

If you do not have Marathi matter you can publish the ad in English as well, but in some cases, individuals or companies are guided to publish the ad in local language.In such cases too, releaseMyAd can get your ad translated in local language without any extra charges added to it. releaseMyAd is a one-stop solution to  Loksatta public notice ad booking problems.