Why publish Name Change Advertisement in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper?

There are various reasons for requesting a name change. It may be based on events such as marriage, divorce, adoption, changing child’s surname to mother’s or father’s, Transgender Name Changes or it may simply be based on dissatisfaction with the current name. There are 3 general steps of legally changing the name- Affidavit submission, ad publication i.e; an announcement of name change publishing in one English and another Hindi newspaper and Gazette notification. With releaseMyAd which is the largest online advertisement booking platform in India, one can quickly and easily publish an advertisement regarding name change in Rajasthan Patrika.

Rajasthan Patrika is one of the most popular Indian Hindi daily newspapers currently circulating in 36 cities across 8 states. Its readership figure has significantly increased over the years, and hence it offers extremely affordable advertising rates, It is the preferred choice of several advertisers. Submitting a notarized affidavit(not more than 6 months old) is must for booking a Name Change ad in Rajasthan Patrika. Notarized affidavits can be made by consulting lawyers. One can choose different ad booking formats like Classified Text, Classified Display and Display according to their necessity and budget. By simple steps of choosing the category, composing the ad matter, selecting the publishing date, uploading the document (i.e; notarized affidavit) and lastly making payment, one can book the name change advertisement in Rajasthan Patrika via releaseMyAd.

Rajasthan Patrika Name Change Ad

While composing the ad matter of Name Change for Rajasthan Patrika, one should make a point to mention clearly the old name and new name and must avoid any phrase like Shapath Patra and Notary name. releaseMyAd does not charge any extra booking charges or commission for booking classified Announcement ad in Rajasthan Patrika.

By releaseMyAd, One can also track the status of ad booking order & payment with the help of the Ad Id until it is printed. Payment can be made according to the convenience of the client as releaseMyAd offers options which include Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cash Deposit or Cheque Deposits. So book a Name Change ad call us on 09830629298 or mail at book@releasemyad.com.

Changing your Name? Advertise With The Times of India to Reinforce Its Testimony!

In India, individuals tend to change names given to them at the time of birth. While some voluntarily change it for the sake of a personal dislike, others may have been pursued by their families to change it for religious or numerological purposes. Not just this, most women in India are coaxed to change their maiden names or even their first names after marriage. Divorce is also a reason as to why a woman would get her name rechanged to her original maiden or a name that she would prefer. 

Other errors like spelling mistakes in legal documents may also drive you into the name changing fiasco! Now that people have multiple purposes to change their names, a good way to let out this information is by posting a ‘change of name’ advertisement in a newspaper.  The procedure to post a name change advertisement is unlike any other. It includes a legal proceeding as the following. 

  • Name change demands you to get an affidavit from the nearby Magistrate or Notary public for legal documentation of your changed name. 
  • The affidavit should be made on a Non-Judicial stamp paper of minimum value.
  • The affidavit should include the current name, new name and brief statement of the purpose of change. 
  • Provide the affidavit to the agency through which you are booking the advertisement. 

Booking your name change advertisement with The Times Of India will help you publicize the information as the newspaper has a readership and reach which is unparalleled to any contemporary English language daily. The newspaper is one of great character and virtue as it disperses news which is unbiased and diverse. It caters to the news demands of a scattered audience type, taking care of each of their news needs. Such is its virtue!

times of india name change format

Wondering how to give an ad in TOI for name change? releaseMyAd aids you with the procedure. From guiding you through the legal proceedings to helping you get the ad published, it does it all. Efficient executives hallmarked service and a decade of experience in the advertising industry makes it an online agency which is now hard to compete with. 

Follow this booking process to get your ad published. If you don’t want to or find it difficult to proceed yourself- call 09830629298 or email at book@releasemyad.com.

  1. Click here to book  your Times of India name change ad- https://timesofindia.releasemyad.com/rates/change-of-name
  2. Select the text or display type advertisement according to your preference. 
  3. Select the package that is affordable for you. 
  4. Head to the composition section to design your ad. This is a lucid and hassle-free process as The Times of India name change ad format will be presented to you. Click on the template and upload your content. 
  5. Finally, set the date of publish and Pay! It’s that simple. 

releaseMyAd simplifies everything for you, gives you viable advice on newspapers and reach out, leaving no stone unturned in your service. What keeps you worrying now? Book your Times of India name change ad right away!