The History of Business Ads

Business and commerce was the backbone of all civilizations and to market the business, advertising was necessary. Right from ancient times, we have been advertising to market goods and services. Egyptians used papyrus to advertise their wares. Romans had mosaics, wall signs and pictures and people of Athens had town criers to advertise products and services. We have come a long way since papyrus scrolls and criers to a more sophisticated world but advertising about our business in newspapers have remained a favourite since its inception approximately 400 years ago.

With the dawn of the 17th Century modern newspapers began to be circulated in European nations and along with these newspapers came business advertisements. La Gazette, the first French newspaper from 1630s, had the early advertisements of buying and selling of goods and services.

In the United States, the first business advertisement was published in the newspaper The Boston News Letter. This newspaper is still in circulation. La Presse, another Paris newspaper from the early 19th Century, was the first to rely upon paid advertisements to lower its price. As this was the era of development of the printing press, promotion of books through newspaper advertisements was very common. Next kind of advertisements that we could see were quack medicines. As the century progressed, the newspapers of 1850s Britain were full advertisements of foods, beverages and tobacco. Newspaper advertisement campaigns started during this period and there were development of many brands which are still in existence today.

The 1900s is called the Golden Era of Advertising. Various advertising methodology were developed during this period like market research and Unique Selling Proposition. Business ads in newspapers became more innovative, specific and personalized with a view point of solving customer’s problems. This period witnessed the appearance of consumer products like toothpaste, shampoos, readymade dresses, etc. Early 20th Century also saw crusade against false testimonials and untruthfulness in business advertisements. There were campaigns against unethical business advertisements in newspapers.

The period of both the World Wars, saw advertising emerge as a profession. Business ads in newspapers were used to draw public opinion in favour of the wars. Post war periods were characterized by prosperity and business development which was easily seen in newspapers of that age.

Before 1905, there were no advertising agencies in India and newspapers themselves provided the service of space selling. Business advertisements in newspapers of pre-independence India were mostly focussed towards the British people and the high society. Cloths, restaurants, hotels, motor cars, tea, gramophone and tailoring shop advertisements were most common. These were luxury items at that time and were not for the common man. However, during the period of independence movement, there were business advertisements about Swadeshi goods which were much innovative and called for the boycott of foreign products. 

After independence, the middle class emerged and received the attention of advertisers. The economy of the country saw a sweeping change which is reflected in business advertisements of that era’s newspapers. With improvement of production and transportation, new brands came into being which became successful through newspaper advertising.

With the advent of the internet age there was growth of e-commerce and quite a few businesses went online but the relevance of the newspaper to advertise about goods and services wasn’t diminished as newspapers had a better reach in every nook and corner of a country like India. Multi-million dollar online businesses still go ahead with newspapers to advertise about their new schemes and offers.

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