Newspaper Advertising in Ahmedabad: An Overview

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Ads in Ahmedabad Newspaper


  • Gujarat Samachar Newspaper
  • Divya Bhaskar Newspaper
  • Times of India Newspaper
  • Mirror Newspaper
  • Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper
  • Economic Times Newspaper
  • Business Standard Newspaper
  • The Indian Express Newspaper
  • Nav Gujarat Samay Newspaper
  • Sandesh Newspaper
  • Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper


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releaseMyAd, Online Ad Booking Platform

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All leading newspapers circulating throughout India are listed under releaseMyAd. Offering advertisers a variety of options to choose from catering to their audience, geographical area and ad type. All this made it convenient from the comfort of your home. Only internet connectivity is all you need and rest is done by our excellent task force working to provide you with the best service. 

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Different Categories:

  • Personal (Change of name, Lost and found, etc)
  • Property(for sale, accommodation wanted)
  • Let/rent
  • Business(for sale, offer/proposal,etc)
  • Vehicles
  • Classified tenders(public notice,tenders,etc)
  • Recruitment(situation vacant, situation wanted,etc)
  • Matrimonial(wanted bride or wanted groom)
  • Services
  • Obituary
  • Remembrance
  • Computers
  • Retail
  • Astrology
  • Travel
  • Education

Ad Types:

  • Classified Text: Ads consisting only of text no pictures. These ads are the most affordable. You can put a screen or bold text as enhancements.
  • Classified Display: Smaller than a display but better than a test ad. These ad consist of text with pictures.
  • Display Ad: The best visually appealing format of an ad in a newspaper. If you are not on a budget this is the format for the most attraction from the consumer.

   Ad Booking Steps:

Booking an Ads using releaseMyAd is easy!

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The Best Gujarati daily to publish a Newspaper Advertisement in Ahmedabad

About the city:

Ahmedabad, India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City is also an important industrial Hub. It is ranked second in the list of the major cotton producers of the country. Following the effects of liberalization since 1991, it has concentrated a larger portion of its resources into activities like Construction, Commerce and Communication. 

The urban population living in the City is estimated to be 63,57,690. It has also been made a part of the hundred Cities to be developed under the Smart Cities Mission by the Government of India.

About the Language:

The Official language here is Gujarati which is widely understood and spoken. The local government has even made it compulsory for school students in the primary and secondary levels to learn Gujarati. 

It is therefore of great value to pitch the advertising content in Gujarati to make it more accessible for the people living there. 

The top five Gujarati Newspapers of Ahmedabad are :

Gujarati Ad in Ahmedabad Newspapers
  1. Gujarat Samachar with circulation of 6,75,257,
  2. Divya Bhaskar with a circulation of 4,52,942,
  3. The Circulation of Sandesh in Ahmedabad is around 3,35,885,
  4. Nav Gujarat Samay has a circulation of 2,00,000,
  5. Gujarat Today with a circulation of 10,000.

Ad Formats:

Display Ads are an ideal choice to increase brand recognition. It can be published on any page of a paper and appealing colors, images and fonts can be used to engage the buyers. These Ads can be tailor-made according to your needs.

The other formats are Classified Display and Classified Text Ads. These are low-priced and published on the Classified section. They too can be effective enough to do the work. 

How to book an Ad:

  1. Select a Newspaper  by following the link.
  2. To book a Classified Ad, click on the icon ‘View Details’ beside Classifieds, otherwise just select a Category on the page like Appointment, Public Notice, etc. to book a Display Ad.
  3. Select a Location or an Ad Package,
  4. Compose the Ad in Gujarati or English, use enhancements to improve the look of the content,
  5. Select a Date, upload documents if required.
  6. Pay for the Ad.

releaseMyAd assures its customers of instant booking and confirmation. We help you plan an Ad campaign and choose Gujarati newspaper at the lowest price ever. We are determined to make advertising simple and effective for you. To know more about our offerings please visit the Page or call us at 9830629298.

Addicted to Newspaper Ads? Us Too. 5 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop

From the very beginning, Newspapers have not only housed news but Advertisements as well. It has stood tall in the face of serious challenges posed by technological innovations of this Digital Age. It has forever inspired millions like us to reach it whenever we need credible information. In this list, we are looking at five of the many reasons Newspaper Ads have got us hooked. 

  1. Advertisements in newspapers can easily reach the audience in areas where it is difficult to reach through other forms of media. They help target people who belong to smaller, high-end groups as well as people from rural areas. 
  2. Newspapers are the best option to publish Ads that are both creative and descriptive. Smart designs can be used to attract the attention of the customers. The Picture from a Survey shared above shows that People are less annoyed by newspaper advertisements as compared to others.
  3.  Newspaper Ads are more cost-effective and flexible. A Customer may choose from different Ad Types to suit his budget. A customer can select the newspaper,      locations, and Ad design according to his requirements. If a particular idea is not helpful enough, then it can be changed at any time. 
  4. People trust Newspapers for their fairness and credibility. Newspapers carrying a piece of information are more valued than the information available on social sites. Advertisements printed in popular papers have their share of trustworthiness. 
  5. Advertisement Campaigns run on newspapers along with those on the digital platform have a bigger chance of being successful rather than those run on social sites only. Marketers who doubt the effectiveness of print Advertising must study the trends carefully before investing. Time and again, various Studies have proved this fact.