Book a newspaper ad for name change and fulfill a legal formality to make your new name official!

It is well known that a person’s name is so much more than just a name – a name reflects a person’s identity. A person attaches a great deal of significance to their name and duly holds a deep attachment to it as well. 

Needless to say, a person should feel happy with the name they have; a name should give a person a feeling of pride and not a feeling of dislike. Unfortunately, it is often seen that people are unhappy with the name (or names) they have, and so they wish to change it to something they do feel happy about. This is one of the reasons that people book a newspaper ad for name change

It is very common for people to change their surname after a marriage, and also to change their surname after a divorce. Sometimes, people want to take on a completely new name.

It may also happen that someone’s name was misspelled. In such an instance, getting it corrected becomes of great importance, and this correction needs to be done at the earliest. 

Name Change Ads in Newspaper

People may want to change their name due to astrological or numerological reasons. They may want to take on an additional name, a middle name, or may want to discard a name altogether. 

It may also happen that a person wishes to change their name to the name of a famous or historical figure, or to that of someone who was inspirational or influential.

Sometimes, there may be sadness or trauma associated with a particular name, and by changing their name they get closure and an opportunity to move on. 

Whatever the reason may be for a person to want to change their name, simply declaring oneself to have a new name is not enough to make the name change official and legally binding. To do this, a person must file an affidavit, and book a name change ad in a newspaper. 

According to the law in India, along with filing an affidavit, a person must book a change of name ad in at least two newspapers. One must be in English, and the other must be in the respective regional language of the state or Union Territory the person is a resident of. These formalities must be completed in order to effectuate a new name.

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