A Beginner’s Guide to Newspaper Advertisements

Newspaper Advertisements are one of the oldest methods of promotion. Amidst the success of other forms of Advertising, they are still relevant in the present times. 

Advantages of Newspaper Advertisement : 

  1. Newspapers being easily available can reach the Target Audience where it is difficult to reach via other mediums,
  2. It is a convenient form of Advertising, even for people with limited financial strength,
  3. Customers are more connected to Newspaper for acquiring day-to-day knowledge about almost everything, it is easier to track and target them this way,
  4. Through Newspaper Advertising, we can reach a specific class of readers that is usually difficult in case of other forms of media. 

About releaseMyAd :

releaseMyAd is an online Ad booking partner of various Newspapers. It helps in creating a strategy on how to start an Advertising Campaign through proper planning and guidance. It ensures maximum reach for all kinds of budgets. Here, booking an Ad is extremely simple and can be completed in a short duration of time. It has got a collection of more than 270 different Newspapers with numerous Offers and concessions to reduce the Ad Cost. 

Newspaper Advertisements can be booked in three different formats/types like Classified Text Ads, Classified Display Ads and Display Ads. 

Newspaper Advertising

Text Ads are low in cost but have a good impact on the readers. Classified Display and Display Ads on the other hand include colors, logos and images that help to catch attention. Varied Categories and Editions are present for placing Advertisements based on requirements. 

Few Samples of Newspaper Advertisements :

Newspaper Matrimonial Ad
Newspaper Property Ad
Newspaper Recruitment Ad

 Steps to book Newspaper Advertisements :

  1. Determine an Ad Format or type first ,
  2. Then pick up an Ad Category,
  3. At the next Step either choose your Newspaper and the Edition directly or if you are unsure about the Newspaper then choose a Location. Newspaper Options will be given at the next step for the Latter. 
  4. After this you need to compose the Ad Matter ,
  5. Make the Payment.

For any Further guidance about Newspaper Ad Booking, contact us at 9830629298(Weekdays till 6 pm and Saturdays till 4 pm).

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