Book Your Unaudited Financial Results Online in Leading Newspapers

The Financial Statements are the performance report of a Company which is reported either quarterly or monthly in a year. The report includes vital information about the Income, Balance Sheet as well as Cash Flow of the company. These statements serve to tell the Investors, Authorities, the Company & the General Public whether the company is growing or losing in the business.

The Financial Statements can be either Audited or Unaudited. The Unaudited Financial Results are usually prepared by a duly appointed company accountant. It is a quicker and cheaper means of a statement than going through the audit process. Unaudited Financial Results On Newspaper

In order to verify the Financial Statement, the company is required to have a copy of the advertisement.

Advertising in Newspapers is one of the economical medium. It also helps you reach a large spectrum of the audience.

There are certain guidelines to follow for booking UFR Ads in leading newspapers.

  • The UFR ads must be published in at least two newspapers. One should be a leading English Daily and the other any regional language newspaper of your choice.
  • The English newspaper should be circulated in a region of the adverts choice.
  • It falls under the main category of Public Notice and Tender Ads.
  • UFR is either published in Classified Display or Display section of the Newspaper.

So in order to place UFR Notice Ads online, you can visit releaseMyAd. You can take reference from the different Ad Samples and Templates if you are booking for the first time. releaseMyAd simplifies your booking process in a few simple steps. 

  • Visit our website and select the statutory category UFR.
  • Fill in the details of location, package, ad size, preferred release date.
  • Then send us a query mentioning your contact details.
  • After the fulfillment of all the relevant information, you will receive a quotation from our expert media planners.
  • Finally, proceed with the quotation amount and complete the payment process.

In case you are faced with any difficulty with your booking process, you can contact us at 09830629298 and our executives will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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