Place Matrimonial Ad instantly in Times Of India Newspaper!

Life partners are not easy to find but with times of India and releaseMyAd, the search becomes easier. With 33 Editions printed each day, Times of India releases the highest number editions in the country. Matrimonial advertisements are printed on a Sunday, the highest consumption day for any newspaper. So want to give a matrimonial ad in a newspaper? Look no further than times of India.

  • Matrimonial advertisements in Times Of India 

One of the most popular newspapers to give a matrimonial ad in Times of India. Coming out on a special column dedicated only to the matrimonial advertisement. Distributed all over India. Giving an ad in Times Of India is made easy by releaseMyAd. Their budget-friendly packages let you choose many destinations you would like your ad to be published not worrying about your affordability.

Ads in Times Soulmate
  • Sub Sections Of Matrimonial Ads

Matrimonial ads in Times of India is mostly taken in wanted grooms and wanted brides. Other than this there are several subcategories to choose from as per customer preference. 




By CommunityBy LanguageBy NationalityBy ProfessionBy ReligionGeneral

Under this customers can further choose sub-classification such as caste no bar(general), Punjabi(language), Jat(community), American (nationality), doctor (profession), Buddhist(religion) and many others easily from our website.

How To Compose?

To compose a Times of India matrimonial ad in just a few steps as follows:

  1. Go to and select a package.
  2. You will then find yourself with a compose ad page
  3. Select a subcategory then select language English or Hindi and compose your ad in the ‘COMPOSE AD MATTER’ section.

You can also look at the ‘VIEW SAMPLE ADS’ Section for reference. Your matrimonial ad matter is now composed!

  • Composing Tips

A matrimonial ad should consist of the type of person you are like your qualification, features of how you look, your age or date of birth and also the feature you are looking for in your partner. Maybe you are a doctor and are looking for a doctor as well. And a contact detail such as a phone number or an email address so that the person looking at your ad in the paper can reach you. 

Here is an example for reference:

Saxena Boy 28,5″11″ working in gurugram 4L, LPA father class 1 officer wanted beautiful working girl working in MNC preferred teaching profession, cast no bar Mob 9415013236 mail:

            Other than this,

  • Choose the right sub-category
  • Choose the right sub classification 
  • Enhancement, if any
  • Language of ad matter

Ad Formats In Matrimonial

There are mainly two ad formats for TOI Matrimonial Ad:

  • Classified Text
TOI Matrimonial Classified Text Ad
  • Classified Display
TOI Matrimonial Classified Display Ad
  • Contact details

Still,confused about placing a matrimonial ad in times of India or any other newspaper? Mail us at, or call us on 09830629298. Our executives are happy to help you.