Five Questions about Times of India Matrimonial that may come to your mind while placing an advertisement

All across India, if there is one newspaper which is trusted by parents for finding their son or daughter’s perfect match, it is Times of India. For generations Times Matrimonial classified section has served the need of finding the life partner of girls and boys eager to settle down and have a family. Today with over 3 million copies of the newspaper in circulation and a readership figure of over 7.6 million, Times matrimonial section is the best place to advertise across different states for finding a suitable bride and groom.

Wanted Bride & Groom Ads in Times of India

Every Sunday, hundreds of matrimonial ads are published in Times matrimonial section under various sub-categories of Brides and Grooms. Therefore, there are few basic things that should be kept in mind so that the readers are attracted towards your ad and favourable response is generated. While composing a matrimonial ad, there are certain questions that arise in the mind. If the advertiser goes ahead and addresses these, then there is all certainty that the attention of the readers is gained and the number of genuine response is high.

  • What are the things about the bride or groom that you should let the readers know?

There are few details about the bride and groom that must be included in a matrimonial ad. The first is age and educational qualification. The highest qualification should be included in the ad matter.  The family background should be added next and along with that detail of the profession. Food habits and physical characteristics can also be included for better response.

times Of India matrimonial Ad
  • Are astrological details of the bride or groom required in the ad text?

While it is not mandatory to add astrological and horoscope details if you do not have faith in the stars but if you actually care about the impact of stars and planets upon the future of the bride or groom, then you should add the same. It will also help you narrow down on those readers who share your belief and are eager for horoscope matching.

  • How important is placing a matrimonial ad under proper sub-category?

It is of utmost important to publish a matrimonial ad under a proper sub-category. Times of India Matrimonial section offers the option of selecting sub-categories based on caste or religion. If you wish to advertise otherwise there is the option of placing the matrimonial ad under sub-categories like By language, By profession, By community, Cosmopolitan, Caste No Bar, Religion No Bar, etc. Choose the most appropriate sub-category so that the readers can filter down to your ad based on what type of bride or groom they are looking for.

  • Is it also required to mention what type of bride or groom I am looking for?

The kind of bride or groom you are looking for should be mandatorily included in the ad text. You can mention whether you are looking for a bride with a particular qualification or a groom serving a certain profession and so on. This will help you receive genuine responses rather than unwanted enquiries.

  • Which is the best matrimonial package I should go with?

There are multiple matrimonial packages available in Times of India and sometimes it can be a bit confusing which one should be chosen. Focus on the package which has the location from where you want the prospective bride or groom. You can opt for a package which has the edition that covers that location. Then you can broadly decide on other nearby locations and chose the package that has those editions which cover nearby locations. If you are open with getting a bride or a groom from anywhere in India, you can go ahead with All Editions package.

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