Find your ideal partner – with a little help from The Telegraph!

Branded as ‘Unputdownable’, The Telegraph is a relatively new entrant in the realm of English language journalism in India. The newspaper was founded in Kolkata on the 7th of July, 1982 and is one of the most respected newspapers in Eastern India. The Telegraph is owned and published by the ABP Group and has been published continuously in the city since its foundation. The Telegraph is also the only newspaper that was founded after India’s independence to have become a market leader in its region of origin. 

As of today, The Telegraph has grown to become the fifth largest read English language daily newspaper in the country with a large and loyal readership across the region. It is the most widely circulated English language newspaper in the eastern region of India. It is estimated that there are more than 4,70,000 copies of the newspaper in circulation on any given day.

The Telegraph is estimated to have a total readership in excess of 1.2 million people across the region as well as the country. The newspaper enjoys a high reputation among English speaking readers who hail the newspaper’s standards of reporting and impeccable quality of English. The Telegraph is nothing short of a household name in Eastern India. 

The newspaper delivers the latest news from around the region, the rest of India and from across the world and is renowned for its insightful and comprehensive coverage of ongoing and trending events. In addition to the latest news stories, The Telegraph provides readers with an extensive selection of content spanning a wide range of topics. These include business, sports, science and technology, health, entertainment, culture and sections dedicated to editorial and opinion columns.

Among modern Indian families in Eastern India, arranged marriages are still the tradition. This makes the newspaper an excellent choice for booking matrimonial ads. Newspapers are still an integral part of cultural life in modern India and families rely on the matrimonial columns of newspapers to simplify their search for the most suitable partners for their children. An ad in The Telegraph matrimonial column is precisely what can help to make your search for the ideal partner a simple and hassle-free experience!

Traditionally, family elders are engaged in finding the most suitable bride or groom because marriage is enshrined in Indian culture as one of the most important events. A marriage marks not just the coming together of the bride and the groom, but also signifies the union of their respectable families as well. This makes finding the perfect partner all the more important and great emphasis is therefore placed on making the wedding day truly special and memorable. 

Matrimonial Ad in Telegraph

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