The Best Tamil Daily to publish a Newspaper Advertisement in Coimbatore

Tamil, a South Indian language, is considered to be one of the longest living classical languages of the world. Recorded Tamil Literature that is more than 2000 years old is said to exist. Some epigraphic inscriptions on rocks found by the Archaeological Survey of India date back to around the 3rd Century as well. 

Apart from the state of Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Puducherry, Tamil is spoken vastly by the people of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and other parts of South-East Asia. Coimbatore, the region where the famous Kovai Cora Cotton Sarees are manufactured is a place where Tamil is an Official Language.

Often called the ‘Manchester of South India’, it consists of a population of more than 12.5 Lakhs approx. consisting of multiple language speaking communities. Various Newspapers and other Media Companies have their branches operating in the City.

Top Tamil Newspapers of Coimbatore in terms of circulation are as follows:

  1. Daily Thanthi: 1,22,795
  2. Dinamalar: 1,74,215
  3. Dinakaran: 1,53,292
  4. The Hindu, Tamil: 31,465
  5. Dinamani: 24,956

Different Ad Formats and Categories:

Classified Advertisement

Ad Formats are of three types such as Classified Display Ads, Classified Text Ads, and Display Ads. You need to select any one of these to book Ads.

Classified Display Ads are the mini-versions of Display Ads. These are published in the Classified Section of a newspaper along with the Text Ads. They can be attractively created with photos, fonts, and colors. 

Text Ads or Run-on-line Ads are the most simplest and low in cost Ads. They only consist of words but several enhancing features can be used to highlight them.

Newspaper Display Ad

Display Ads can be posted on any page and the position of the Ad can be customized according to the need to make it more visible. 

Different categories like Matrimonial, Property, Education, Recruitment, Business, Public Notice, Change of Name, and more are available to publish the Ads. You can select them by visiting the page. 

Next, select the Locations/Packages, compose the Ads, select the dates and make the payment to complete the process.

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