Save Money, Choose Sakshi!


Who doesn’t value money? Everyone does right?

Being very perfervid about saving or earning money is not always a virtue. But spending the money you have prudently, is always called Smartness.

Spending money in the advertisement does fetch you results. Thus, you might have decided to spend more money to get effective results. But let me tell you, a low budget advertisement can also be as effective as an ad worth lakhs.

Yes, you heard that right. It is more important to choose the medium wisely rather than spending more money.

Sakshi Classified Ad

If you are planning to put up a newspaper ad in a Telegu newspaper, choose Sakshi. Now let me tell you why Sakshi?

When you choose a newspaper for putting up an ad, the most important factors that you should consider are the reputation of the newspaper, circulation in the market and the reliability factor. Sakshi can be highly marked considering those all.

Sakshi is India’s 2nd largest Telegu language newspaper which gratifies it’s readers with quality content and cost-effective pricing daily. It has an amazing overall circulation figure of above 1.09 Million. Its circulation figure shows us how much trusted it is. If you want your message to reach an enormous chunk of India, choose Sakshi.

Ads in Sakshi Newspaper

Placing a Sakshi classified text ad will cost you based on the number of lines. The base rates for all the editions are set on the basis of 4 lines. After exceeding 4 lines it charges extra. In the case of the Classified Display ad, the charges are set per sqcm. The rates for different editions or cities vary according to the circulation.

Sakshi Classified Rate Card is no doubt quite convincing for the advertisers. But there is something more convincing for you. releaseMyAd is introducing you a way to book your Sakshi classified ad from the comfort of wherever you are. Whether you are in an urgent meeting or you are enjoying the weekend to freshen up your mind for better ideas, you can now book your ad online in just a few steps. Visit releaseMyAd to book your ad. 

Sakshi classifieds has several categories for advertisement which include Matrimonial, Lost and Found, Obituary, Public Notice, Change of Name, Business, Education, Remembrance, e.t.c.

The two options to choose your type of ad that Sakshi classifieds give you are :

  • Classified Text Ad (Contains only text)
  • Classified Display Ad (Contains designed creative which can contain text, colours, and pictures as well).

For booking your Sakshi classified ad visit You can choose your ad type confidently and book the ad by yourself if you know your exact requirements. In case you are confused and not being able to book the ad, we can give you effective solutions to decide on and book the ad for you, respecting your time and requirements. For this purpose, don’t hesitate to call releaseMyAd at 9830629298 or you can also live chat with our highly experienced executives by clicking on :

There is one saying that we have heard since childhood :

“Time is Money”

releaseMyAd values both your time and money. That’s exactly why we provide you with the most effectual solutions, among which Sakshi Newspaper is one. All that you need to do is trust us. We assure you not to turn out to be futile.