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No aircraft can fly unless it has been certified to be airworthy – which means, an aircraft needs to be declared fit for flight in order to operate flights. The people responsible for this are aircraft maintenance engineers.

Aircraft maintenance is a highly specialised field that requires tremendous skill and in-depth knowledge of aircraft systems and mechanisms. It is a field that is involved with the servicing, inspection, checking, testing, repairing and overhauling of aircraft by technicians who hold specific qualifications for the same. They also perform modifications on aircraft if necessary. 

The purpose of aircraft maintenance is to make sure that all aircraft are safe and fit to fly. In other words, aircraft maintenance engineers are the individuals who put in all efforts necessary to ensure that the plane you fly on is airworthy and has been thoroughly checked. This is also often done in order to comply with airworthiness directives.  

Maintenance checks and procedures vary depending on the class as well as the type of aircraft. The various types of aircraft maintenance may be classified into line maintenance, heavy maintenance, and shop or component maintenance. Line maintenance involves procedures such as pre-flight checks, fluid checks every day, minor repairs, modifications and troubleshooting. Heavy maintenance is performed at longer intervals, but this procedure is more thorough and requires a larger facility with equipment suited for the purpose. Shop maintenance activities are focused on repairing and overhauling specific component parts, and these processes often need specially trained professionals. 

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Even though safety and high performance are what maintenance activities are aimed towards, having a robust maintenance program also maximises the resale value of an aircraft. 

All this is made possible by the technicians working tirelessly to make sure every single aircraft is in perfect functioning condition. It is a very crucial function, and maintenance tasks typically consist of a combination of preventive as well as corrective maintenance work. Inspections help to make sure that no part of an aircraft has been left unchecked. 

That being said, finding suitably qualified aircraft maintenance engineers is very often a challenging exercise. Airports, airlines and aircraft servicing companies are always on the lookout for the best aircraft maintenance technicians because safety is something nobody wants to compromise on.

Nowadays, there are numerous ways for these organisations to hire maintenance engineers, and vice versa for the maintenance engineers to find a well-paying vacancy. People use the word of mouth method to find a vacancy, while companies use the same method to find reliable and suitably qualified candidates. But, this method has an obvious downside in that it is time-consuming and laborious. Even though online job portals and professional social networks are where job seekers and employers flock, the recruitment column in the newspaper still remains the old trusted method for a large number of people.

In a country like India where newspapers are an integral part of people’s cultural and social lives, classified ads have unfailingly served to connect people from all walks of life. 

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