Check Out How To Place An Obituary Ad in Sambad Newspaper!

Just like humans, their memories grow. We go through a lot of things every day. Some leave a mark on our memories, and some we forget.

But what stays in memories, keeps on being more valuable day by day. We make memories with our friends, family members, mentors, relatives, neighbours, e.t.c. And when we lose someone among them who was deep-rooted in our memories, the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. It really becomes difficult for us to try to absorb such an enormous shock. But life is all about going ahead beyond the pain. 

During this time it really becomes very important to think and take productive steps. So, if you are going through this phase of life, along with google searching for recovery tips, book an obituary ad for your loved one in the Sambad newspaper through releaseMyAd.

Sambad Obituary Ad

Now this question might be hitting your mind that why should you book an Obituary ad in Sambad Newspaper? This is because Obituary ads help you to share your grief with the other readers of that newspaper and let others know what a great person your loved one was. That is exactly why people often include achievements of that person in the printed creative ad. Also, booking an obituary ad has another perk, i.e., in India people arrange memorial service to perform a few rituals for which they invite almost all the relatives, friends and neighbours. For that procedure, it is an added work to call people one by one and invite them. Instead, you can just place the ad with a few pieces of information about the event and can directly invite everybody through the ad only. 

As I have mentioned earlier to book the ad through releaseMyAd, now let me tell you what releaseMyAd is and why you should choose it.

releaseMyAd is an INS accredited online ad booking portal who is legally authorized with The Sambad Newspaper, the largest selling Odia newspaper of India. releaseMyAd provides you amazing customer service without charging any extra commission for it. It saves both your time and money this way. We have already served over 3,25,000 happy customers and gained trustworthiness in the market.

To book the Obituary Ad in Sambad newspaper you have to provide the publication house the documents mentioned below :

  • The Death Certificate of the deceased or a Doctors Note.
  • Cremation Slip or Burial Certificate.

Obituary ads are generally classified display ads. You can design the creative with the picture and text in pre-designed templates on our website for Sambad Obituary Ads or provide us with the designed template. You can also mention any specific details that you would want. In case you need any help regarding the design we can get the design done for you. In that case, email us the details at or call us at 9830629298, to get any assistance from our end.

If you are planning to design the ad by yourself, ensure that:

  • The name mention is correct, as in Death Certificate
  • The date of birth and date of the demise matches the supporting documents.

releaseMyAd’s ad booking process is easy and hassle-free that can be done in a few simple steps :

  1. Click
  2. Click on your city edition or opt for the discounted packages of your choice.
  3. After reaching Step 1, proceed to compose or upload your ad.
  4. Now select whether you want to compose the ad or you want to upload the design of the ad in case you already have it. Incase of composing an ad, you will be provided with templates to choose from. You can choose one, choose your preferred size and start typing your matter directly.
  5. Select dates, upload your required documents, create your account or log in if you have one already and make payments to get instant confirmation of your ad booking.

If you are still having any queries, our well-experienced executives are there to help you. Reach out to them by calling releaseMyAd at 9830629298, or you can also live chat with us by clicking on Live Chat option or Chat With An Expert option.

Someday we all go through this phase of life but it’s essential that we find out healthy solutions to cope with your grief and learn to heal.

Place an Obituary Ad in Amar Ujala Newspaper Online

It is said that Funerals are a great way to celebrate the life lived by those who embark on such adventures leaving behind wonderful memories of themselves. We believe that Obituaries Ads do the same thing on a Newspaper, where Relatives put Advertisements  about the Deceased People informing others of their demise. It is one of the many forms of paying tribute to a departed Soul.

Amar Ujala Obituary Ad

At releaseMyAd, we try to make our Customers aware of the fact that we are always present by them in such moments of sorrow. We commit our best services to them when God forbid any such mishaps befall. To book an Obituary Ad in the newspaper, we invite them to use our website where they may pick from the Newspapers notably Amar Ujala and the discounted Packages that would appropriately suit their needs. Amar Ujala is one of the most famous Hindi Newspapers with  20 Editions/Cities where people read it and also has a reasonably priced Ad Space. It has got separate headings under which Ads can be booked like – Chautha-Uthamna, Pagdi-Rasam, In Memoriam, Pet Obituary, Seventh Day Mass, Hashkabah, etc.

How to Book Obituary Ad in Amar Ujala Newspaper: 

  1. Choose from the Editions and then the Packages,
  2. At the Composition Stage, you may upload your own designed matter or may use the Ad templates on the page  to design. There are options to delegate this work to our own Team of designers, who would do it for you.
  3. A very important point to remember here is that Documents such as Death Certificate/Doctor’s Note or Cremation/Burial Acknowledgement Slip need to be uploaded in order for the Ad to be accepted.
  4. Finally Select the Date, although it can be published on any day, we suggest our Customers to book it two days earlier to facilitate on-time publishing. In Some cases the Deadline could also be relaxed upto 24 hours prior to the date of publishing if informed.

Sample Ads:

For more information on booking Amar Ujala Obituary Ads visit us at releaseMyAd or Call at 09830629298. We pledge to be there for you whenever you need us. Do not hesitate to let us know about how we could extend our help in this regard. releaseMyAd really cares.