Know how Hindustan Times Classified Ads are priced !

Hindustan Times is an Indian English Newspaper of the Pre-Independence Era. At that time it was lucky enough to have had the privilege of being inaugurated by Shri Mohandas K. Gandhi. Ever since it began its operations, it has continued its rise in terms of circulation and readership. The various segments of this Paper are created with utmost professionalism and high quality. It has got an inescapable presence in Seven Big Cities of India viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna and Pune.
The Prices of Hindustan Times Classified Ads depend upon varied factors :

  1. The existence of various Categories is one of the key points here as the price changes with Categories. 
    • For Example – The Price of a Matrimonial Ad as compared to an Education Ad is different, while the price of  a Vehicles  Ad is different from a Business Ad.
  2. Pricing is dependent on the Editions. 
    • For Example – The price of booking an Ad in Delhi is different from the price of booking an Ad in Pune.
  3. Ad Formats are also considered while setting the price. 
    • For Example – Price of a regular Text Ad is based on the number of lines with the Minimum Base Rate being charged on 5 lines, extra charge for any more lines whereas the Price of a Classified Display or Display Ad is based on its size. For CD Ads only the height can be increased but for Display Ads both the width and Height can be increased.
  4. In case a Person chooses an Enhancement like Color or Screen for Text Ads, the cost is bound to increase.
  5. At the final step after the total cost of the above mentioned factors is calculated, only GST is added as ordered by the Government of India.
Hindustan Times Classified

releaseMyAd tries to keep the amount as low as possible to motivate its Customers. It provides the options of Packages that would be more economical to use other than choosing a single Edition. Here different places and Papers are included in a single package with the idea of displaying the Ad more efficiently across more locations and to gain maximum response. It also provides discounts to the Customers. No other charges are made at any time apart from the above mentioned points.

Steps to Book An Ad in Hindustan Times

  1. Select The Ad Type – Text, Classified Display or Display Ads.
  2. Select the Category, Edition or Package ,
  3. Proceed to create the Ad Matter. Ad Templates are supposed to guide in the creation ,
  4. Select the Enhancements (For Text Ads) and Color, Logos and Images (CD or Display Ads) to highlight ,
  5. Choose the Dates and Upload Documents if required ,
  6. Make the Payment.

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