Looking for Punjabi Brides? Book Ads in Punjab Kesari Newspaper

In India, placing matrimonial ads in Punjab Kesari newspaper has always been a helping tool for brides and grooms to find potential life partners for themselves. Advertisers get satisfying responses through publishing matrimonial ads in newspapers circulated in India. The purpose of giving a newspaper matrimonial is that first, the reach is everywhere. It has always remained and will be a reliable medium. Remote areas and the rural population find it easier to access a newspaper rather than a matrimonial website as they are not so tech savvy. The older generation who takes the responsibility of finding the suitor are more dependent on newspapers, thus, making it an effective medium to convey the message. 

With Matrimonial advertisements, the advertiser can publish the desired characteristics and specifics of the suitor like age, caste, profession, community and more. It is essential to mention your contact details to receive prominent responses. The authenticity and genuine appearance of matrimonial ads draw a higher response, thus making it an effective medium.  

Wanted Bride Ad in Punjabi Kesari

Every community is interested in looking for a suitable bride or groom in their respective communities. That is why it is necessary to choose a newspaper that is preferred mostly by people in that community. One such community is the punjabi community.  If you are looking for punjabi brides, the most trusted newspaper to advertise would be Punjab Kesari, which is a hindi language newspaper having the readership of approx 12.23 millions and an estimated circulation of 15,71,000 copies on a daily basis. This newspaper circulates in the whole of Punjab, some parts of Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi just paying a minimum of Rs. 875 for first 20 words, you can get your ad published in the newspaper. Matrimonial ads in this newspaper are published every Sunday.

ReleaseMyAd is an online ad agency that makes the procedure of placing wanted brides advertisements in Punjab Kesari more simpler and uncomplicated. With just a few steps to follow, your ad will be booked and get published in the newspaper. 

So just follow the simples steps and get your ad published in Punjab Kesari 

1. Open this link https://punjabkesari.releasemyad.com/rates/matrimonial to book a matrimonial ad with Punjab Kesari via releaseMyAd.  

2. Choose the classified text ad option.

3. Proceed with selecting the all punjab package. (The website offers timely discounts as well) 

3. Compose your advertisement and select the sub sections to get appropriate and relevant responses. 

4. Lastly, select the date, pay and get your ad published! 

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Book Matrimonial Ads in Punjab Kesari at the Lowest Rates via releaseMyAd

Matrimonial ad is published in Punjab Kesari with a specific aim to find a feasible and suitable partner with the prospect of getting married. Punjab Kesari. Punjab Kesari is a regional newspaper of Punjab  with approximately 1.8 Crore + readership in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi in India. There are basically two kinds of matrimonial ads – Wanted Grooms, on the basis of the eventual perspective, the bride’s family advertise in the newspaper. While the other kind is Wanted Brides, based on the perspective, the family of the groom advertises in the newspaper. These marriage ads are further categorized based on caste preferences, language preferences, profession and other characteristics. These specifications help receiving the most relevant and apt responses by the advertisers.

You can now book matrimonial advertisements in Punjab Kesari newspaper at the lowest rates by simply clicking on our Punjab Kesari page https://punjabkesari.releasemyad.com/rates/matrimonial. Your advertisement will get published on Sunday which is the recommended focus day for matrimony ads in Punjab Kesari. Your ad will be visible in the matrimonial section in the Classified page under the category as selected by you while booking your ad.

Punjab Kesari Matrimonial Classifieds

If you are planning to book your matrimonial ads in Punjab Kesari Newspaper, releaseMyAd helps you to book bride wanted and groom wanted advertisement under Matrimonial Section in Punjab Kesari in the most easiest way. The price range starts from just Rs. 875 for a minimum of  20 words and covers the whole of Punjab. From any corner of the world, the fastest and easiest way to place a matrimony ad in Punjab Kesari is through releaseMyAd, India’s largest online ad booking platform with a wide pan-India reach. 

Booking advertisement in Punjab Kesari is quite simple. 

  1. Just click on the link https://punjabkesari.releasemyad.com/rates/matrimonial and select the Ad Type (Text Classified / Display Classified). 
  2. Then choose the matrimonial special package. 
  3. Compose/ upload your ad according to your ad type selection. In Text Classified format, you can enhance your ad by choosing enhancements such as Bold, Tick or Background Colour. This helps in attracting the readers. In Display Classified format, you can design your ad and upload.
  4. You then need to select subcategories to avoid receiving irrelevant responses. 
  5. Select your preferred date and make the payment selecting

online or offline mode. 

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