Now Advertising in Punjab Kesari Classified Section has become a lot easier and simpler!

The Classifieds section covers most of the total advertisement given in a newspaper. Is also the most cost-effective form of advertisement and if you still think they are boring or clustered together go for a classified display to add colourful imagery to make your ad more appealing keeping the cost in mind.

With releaseMyAd online ad booking facility, you can book a classified ad in Punjab Kesari newspaper in just minutes!

How to Book Classified Ad in Punjab Kesari Newspaper

Punjab Kesari Classified Ad

Visit, and follow the steps given below.

releaseMyAd, Online Ad Booking Platform

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 Started in 2009, releaseMyAd brought a revolution in the world of ad booking. It is the very first of its kind fully digital platform where you can easily book ad in a variety of newspapers, radio, tv and even the new trend in town social media platforms.

All leading newspapers circulating throughout India are listed under releaseMyAd. Offering advertisers a variety of options to choose from catering to their audience, geographical area and ad type. All this made it convenient from the comfort of your home. Only internet connectivity is all you need and rest is done by our excellent task force working to provide you with the best service. 

Worried about it being costly? Don’t worry it is also affordable. Several discounted user-friendly packages and offers makes your booking experience cost-effective as well as cost-saving! 

Different Categories:

Punjab Kesari  classified offers a wide range of categories to choose from, such as:

  • Personal (Change of name, Lost and found, etc)
  • Property(for sale, accommodation wanted)
  • Let/rent
  • Business(for sale, offer/proposal,etc)
  • Vehicles
  • Classified tenders(public notice,tenders,etc)
  • Recruitment(situation vacant, situation wanted,etc)
  • Matrimonial(wanted bride or wanted groom)
  • Services
  • Obituary
  • Remembrance
  • Computers
  • Retail
  • Astrology
  • Travel
  • Education

Classified Ad Types:

  • Classified Text: Ads consisting only of text and no pictures. These ads are the most affordable. You can put a screen or bold text as enhancements.
Punjab Kesari Classified Display Ad
  • Classified Display: Smaller than a display but better than a test ad. These ad consist of text with pictures.

   Ad Booking Steps:

         Booking an Ads using releaseMyAd is easy!

Contact Details:

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