The History of Property Ads

People are running property ads since ancient times. When human beings settled down and established towns besides fertile river valleys, there came the concept of Real Estate. People began to sell their property if they wished to move out or rent them to generate some extra income on top of agricultural produce. Various kinds of property rental or sale advertisements have been discovered in the ruins of Pompeii and papyrus sheets of ancient Egypt.

Property Advertisement in Newspaper

The modern Property Advertisement was born when men began to settle down in the new world, America and it began to take shape after the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. With the increase in working population came the demand for living space and with that came agents for selling and renting property. Also, property advertisement became popular when rural and suburban areas began to come within the folds of cities and towns.

Property advertisements in newspapers can be traced back to the end of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th Century. Due to rapid housing plans in industrially developing London, Manchester and Liverpool there was manifold growth of property advertisements in local newspapers of Britain. By the early 1900s, newspapers in the United States also began to publish local real-estate advertisements. These advertisers were actually property brokers and agents rather than individuals.

The boom in property listings in newspapers came after the end of World War II during the period of 1940-1950 as soldiers coming back from war looked for a place to call home and raise a family. Property ads in newspapers of that period were mostly published in classifieds.

In India, property ads were first published in early newspapers of Calcutta and Bombay. With the growth of these new cities which eventually turned into commercial and industrial hubs of British India, population grew and accompanied with this surge in population, people began to hunt for housing from newspaper advertisements. The daily newspapers of early 20th Century India were full of Real Estate sale and rental ads especially in growing metropolises. Post partition era again saw a massive rise in population especially in the towns and cities close to the border. In the newspapers of Delhi and Calcutta there was growth of property advertisements which attracted the displaced refugee people.

Times Property Ads

The next few decades after 1960, there was a massive rise in the real estate sector. With educated people moving from rural to urban areas and migrating to cities for the sake of lucrative job opportunities, there was always a market for property buying, selling and renting. Thus, newspaper pages were full of property ads not only in classified sections but also as creative display ads. High rises, residential complexes, bungalows with modern amenities, row houses, etc. were developed and to attract the people advertisers placed innovative real estate ads in newspapers. People in rural areas who were eager to migrate to urban places placed agricultural land sale advertisements. House for rent or flat for rent ads were also on the rise as many could not afford buying their own property in urban areas.

Property Ads in HT

Real Estate business landscape changed in the decade following 2000 as the internet gave the opportunity to brokers and agents to list their property. Many websites started operating for the sole purpose of publishing property classifieds which at one point threatened the property vertical of newspaper advertisement. However, publishing a property advertisement in a newspaper still had its benefits. Listing in a website was open to all without any boundary but publishing the same property ad in a newspaper could be directed towards a particular audience. Also, newspapers had further reach to higher age group people, the semi educated class and rural India where internet was still not a popular option.

Newspaper Property Classified Display ads

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