Why are online newspaper classified ads so lucrative?

It goes without saying that the way people consume content nowadays is vastly different from how they used to even two decades ago. Nowadays, people are able to access all the world’s information on their personal devices, such as their mobile phones or tablets. As a matter of fact, it would be safe to say that people nowadays are glued to their phones and tablets, and one need not look far even. This is because technology has made it possible to not just consume content, but also stay updated with all the latest news. All of this, instantly. 

In turn, this has led many people to ask if the digital revolution means the end of print media. While digital media is without a doubt the way forward in our world, this does not mean that print media, such as newspapers will go obsolete anytime soon. The reasons for this are many. 

For starters, even though one may argue that the internet affords people access to a wealth of information that is virtually limitless, it is extremely difficult to tell for sure how much of that information is accurate. Needless to say, verification is not always easy, and in some cases, not possible. Therefore, newspapers are credible and authentic, as the stories and articles published in them need to be properly vetted and fact-checked before they are printed. 

The information available on digital platforms and even on some websites are often presented in a highly cluttered manner, whereas articles and stories in newspapers are presented in a structured and categorised manner, which makes it easy for people to find the specific section or topic that they are interested in. 

Thirdly, India is a country with a vast population of over a billion people. Many people, especially those living in rural areas, are not proficient in the use of modern day gadgetry, while others are simply unable to afford a smartphone or a tablet. For them, the printed newspaper is their only source of getting to know the latest news. 

Additionally, while electronic devices provide a great deal of convenience, they are no match for the thrill of holding a newspaper in one’s hands and reading it. 

For all these reasons, newspapers are still very relevant today. They also have a stronger convincing power, so advertising in newspapers is big business today. To enable people to book ads easily, numerous platforms that offer online newspaper classified ads to be booked within minutes have gained great popularity in recent years. 

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