What is a public notice advertisement and when do people book one?

Did you know that public notices have been around even before newspapers were invented? Yes! It is true! Public notices have existed for many centuries. Back in the day, notices would be posted in public squares. This was the original concept of a public notice and over the centuries, public notices have evolved significantly. It was in the first English language newspaper, known as The Oxford Gazette, that publishing public notice advertisements in newspapers became the norm. 

The term ‘public notice’ is given to ads which are published in newspapers with the purpose of informing the public about matters that may be of interest or of concern to the members of said public. Public notice ads are required by law, and the law states that such advertisements must be published in newspapers. 

There are two chief functions that the publication of public notice ads in newspapers serves. The first being that it fulfils a legal requirement, and the second being that these ads serve to inform the public regarding certain specific legal proceedings. These ads serve to provide the public with relevant information concerning issues or events that have some bearing on public affairs. Public notice ads are typically published by corporations, government organisations or by legislative authority.

Newspaper Public notice

Public notice ads provide numerous important benefits to the society at large. This is because these ads make specific information available to the public, regarding decisions or proposals that are made, which help the public to make informed decisions with regard to the subject matter of these public notices. This becomes all the more important if the subject matter of these ads directly affects the public. A public notice advertisement also provides members of the public a fair and just opportunity to influence decisions by organisations and governing authorities. That being said, public notice advertisements are essential for a healthy democratic society to function effectively. 

In India, newspapers are an integral part of pretty much every household. They are hailed as authentic and trustworthy sources of information on a wide range of topics, and people read newspapers to keep themselves informed and updated regarding all the latest news from around the country and from the rest of the world. Advertisements have been a part of print media for a very long time and they serve a variety of functions, such as informing people, spreading awareness about an issue or event, and they often come with a call to action or an intention to persuade. Classified advertisements are one of the most popular forms of advertising today where ads are arranged on the basis of ad category, and they are easy to book and cost effective. 

A public notice advertisement in a newspaper, however, primarily serves an informational function rather than one of persuasion. Fulfil your legal requirements by booking your public notice ads in newspaper through releaseMyAd!

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