Know The Factors That Affect Newspaper Advertising Rates

In India, there are about 82,237 newspaper/periodicals available that are registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) as on the year 2016. Many of them are registered in 100 other languages including dialects and a few foreign languages. About 8000 newspapers are published in the Hindi Language followed by 1500 English newspapers, 1000- Urdu newspapers, 800 – Gujarati newspaper, 500- Bengali newspapers, 650- Telugu newspapers, 600- Marathi newspapers, 300- Tamil Newspapers and so on. Thus, when it comes to newspaper advertising it becomes really difficult to decide out of so many newspapers which one to choose for advertising in India.

Newspapers are one of the most cost effective ways of advertising. So they are always the first choice of every advertiser. While choosing a newspaper an advertiser needs to know what type of audiences they want to reach out and accordingly, they can select the newspaper. While deciding on the newspaper the advertisers also consider its circulation and readership numbers. More popular a newspaper will be the advertising cost will be higher. The newspaper advertising rates also depend on this factor and the cost differs for each edition.

Before you advertise, you must be aware that newspaper ad rates vary widely from one newspaper to another. For instance, a National newspaper will be little costlier than the local or regional newspaper. Apart from the newspaper rate, there are several other charges that add- up to the total advertising cost. One of them is the ad category. At the time of booking newspaper ads, one needs to select the appropriate category under which the ad will get published in the newspaper. The reason for selecting the category is to bring focus to your ad. In simple words, it helps to highlight your ad among the clutter and increases the rate of responses.

Besides newspaper editions and ad category, the ad format also affects the newspaper advertisement cost. Primarily there are two ad formats that are used extensively while advertising in newspapers one is classified Text and the other one is classified Display. The cost of both these formats is different due to the difference in their ad format. Both are calculated in a different way like classified texts are charged on the basis of per lines/words/characters used in the ad content and classified displays are charged on the basis of per square centimetre unit. For any additions or enhancements, you need to pay an additional cost which will sum up to the total newspaper classified advertising cost.

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You might have wasted a lot of time running after agents or publication houses for knowing the newspaper ad rates. Probably you have tried to find out several other ways to get the original advertising rates of newspapers. But unfortunately, all your efforts might have gone in vain. So here in this blog, you will get all relevant information regarding newspaper advertising charges.

Newspaper advertising is one of the most common and cost effective modes of advertising. No other advertising medium would give you that extraordinary reach or exposure which only newspapers can offer. It provides a platform that connects the readers directly to the advertisers. All these features make this platform the most preferred among the advertisers.

The newspaper advertising cost depends on various factors firstly it depends on the edition you choose as each edition has a different rate.  Secondly the ad category you select to advertise and thirdly the ad format in which you want to advertise in the newspapers. All of these factors have separate charges which get added in your total advertising cost. These elements are essential for newspaper advertising so one needs to pay for this.

The newspaper ad rates also depend on the newspaper you choose, for instance, the national newspapers are little costlier than the regional newspapers. Also, the newspaper’s circulation and readership numbers have an impact on the newspapers advertising cost.

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Know the newspaper advertising rates from the leading advertising agency releaseMyAd!

Newspaper advertising is one of the most primary forms of advertising that has been around longer than any other form. Being the most traditional medium, it is the first preference of every advertiser. The reason behind this is pretty simple as they provide extensive reach and economical rates. The cost of advertising in newspapers is comparatively lower than in any other advertising medium. It is the most cost effective way to reach out one’s target audience.

Newspaper advertisements tend to serve several purposes like delivering personal messages, promotion, selling, issuing public notifications and so on. The newspapers are not just a medium of news and information but it provides a platform for the advertiser to communicate directly with the target readers.  It is a platform which is meant to help individuals or businesses who are not known to each other but intend to communicate with each other for business or personal purposes.

In any Indian newspapers, advertisers can book ads under different categories which include matrimonial, recruitment, property, business, announcements, obituary, Public Notice, court and marriage notices, services, travel and computers.  It is very important to book your ads under proper categories as this will help your readers to find your ads easily among the clutter. Assigning your ad content under proper category not only increases your visibility but it helps you to get relevant responses.  

When it comes to advertising in the newspapers, the primary question that concerns any advertiser is ‘how much will be the cost of newspaper advertisement?’. This is quite common because everyone works on a particular budget and they target to achieve their marketing goals within that specific amount. releaseMyAd understands the requirement of every advertiser which is why we provide rates in different ranges to allow anyone advertise comfortably in their preferred newspaper.

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