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In India, marriage is regarded as one of the most important events in a person’s life, and thus, a great deal of emphasis is put on finding the perfect partner for a person. Traditionally, arranged marriages have been the norm in Indian society where the respective bride or groom for a person is selected by members of the person’s family. Today, many people are choosing their prospective partners through matrimonial sites or matrimonial ads in newspapers.Matrimonial Advertisement

Despite the ever-growing trend of people utilising matrimonial sites to find the most suitable life partner, the matrimonial columns in the Classified section of a newspaper still remain the trusted choice for a large number of Indian families even today. Additionally, many people in India are still not proficient with the internet despite its deep penetration even in rural areas. This, again, makes matrimonial ads in newspapers the preferred method of finding prospective brides and grooms.matrimonial ad in newspaper

Matrimonial ads in newspapers help to find eligible brides and grooms based on specific individual preferences or in the case of orthodox families, preferences may be based on religious or caste requirements. Matrimonial advertisements typically contain information about the person seeking a bride or groom, their contact details and eligibility criteria such as educational background, work experience or cultural background in case of orthodox families.

In India, newspapers are widely read by people from all sections of society, so they serve as a very effective method of finding suitable matches due to their wide reach and popularity. Newspapers are also favoured by the older generation of people who aren’t as technologically savvy as the younger population.

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