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One of India’s youngest news publications, Namasthe Telangana was founded on the 6th of June, 2011. The newspaper was launched three years before the state of Telangana was formed, with a vision to focus on the issues of the people of Telangana and giving the Telangana people a voice. 

Namasthe Telangana is based in Hyderabad, and it is owned and published by Telangana Publications Private Limited, which is owned by K. Chandrashekar Rao, the first and currently serving chief minister of the state of Telangana. 

Having a circulation of more than 3,00,000 copies on average every single day, Namasthe Telangana is the third most circulated Telugu language daily newspaper after Eenadu and Sakshi. 

Despite being a very young newspaper, and one of the recent entrants in the Telugu language news media space, Namasthe Telangana has become the favoured newspaper for a large number of people in the region. 

Namasthe Telangana has a sister news publication, namely Telangana Today, which is an English language daily newspaper that also has its headquarters in Hyderabad. 

Widely regarded for its standards of journalism and reporting, Namasthe Telangana has become a household name across the region, as well as a highly recognisable name in the Telugu language media landscape. 

Every day, Namasthe Telangana brings to its readers the latest news from the region, the rest of India and Provides readers with a wide variety of content from several topics of interest. These topics include cinema, sports, devotional, business, lifestyle, science and technology, tourism, agriculture, health, literature and many more.

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