Bridging Hearts: The Influence of Matrimonial Ads in Marathi Newspapers

Marathi is the language of the Maharashtrians. It is one of the most widely spoken regional languages of India. Spoken by more than 80 million people across the country, the state of Maharashtra is where the majority of native Marathi speakers reside. 

India is a country of great linguistic diversity, and nowhere can this diversity be seen better than the country’s regional language media. The Marathi language news media space in India is rich and vibrant, with a wide variety of publications to keep readers informed and engaged. 

Marathi people have a wide range of newspapers to choose from. Not only does this mean newspapers compete to be the best in their category, but also ensures a high quality of journalism and news reporting as a whole. 

Some of the well known Marathi language news dailies in publication today include Loksatta, Lokmat, Divya Marathi, Sakal, Pudhari, Maharashtra Times, and many more. These newspapers provide effective and reliable channels for people as well as businesses to  reach out to their respective audiences. 

Ads in Marathi Newspaper

Marathi language newspapers are a staple in households across the state of Maharashtra, as well as in neighbouring Goa where there is a sizable Marathi speaking community. They are also very useful in the way they help people find the most suitable brides and grooms. 

In the Marathi community, just like in Indian culture, arranged marriages are the tradition. Families want their sons and daughters to marry good people, as a marriage is not regarded as just the coming together of the bride and groom, but a union of their respective families as well. 

Matrimonial ads in Marathi newspapers play an important role as they facilitate communication between the families of the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be. Even though more and more people are preferring to find their partners on their own, many people still choose to follow the traditional method, which shows how significant the matrimonial ad is.

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As a Marathi looking to get married, which newspaper should you advertise in ?

The first thing that comes to our mind on seeing a Marathi wedding ceremony is, “Simple is beautiful ”. Precise rituals like Sakhar Puda, hassle-free ceremonies like Halad Chadavane and a bride wearing a colourful Navari are the essence of  a Maharashtrian wedding ceremony. 

The first step to your beautiful yet simple wedding is finding a suitable groom or bride. Looking for a suitable partner, through ads in newspapers, is still a prevalent approach in the Marathi matrimonial community. So when you finally decide to publish your ad , you need to look for the most popular newspapers in your region. Maharashtra Times,Loksatta, Sakal, Divya Marathi, Tarun Bharat, Punya Nagari, Pudhari, Lokmat, Mumbai Choufer, Dainik Saamana and Navarashtra are the most popular options for your Marathi matrimonial ads

Maharashtra Times – For this newspaper, you need to select between classified text or classified display ad. It publishes your matrimonial ads on Sunday and you have to make the booking one day before your requirement. This newspaper is circulated in Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur.

Newspaper Matrimonial Ad

 Loksatta – You can post Classified Text Ads at the rate of Rs 1150 for 20 words and Display Classified Ads at the rate of Rs 3825/3cm*3cm. The publishing days are only Sunday. The booking deadline is four days. The ad will be available in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmednagar and Aurangabad.

Sakal – The cost for Classified Text Ads in Sakal (All Editions) – Matrimonial Special is Rs 5250/7 lines. The cost will differ as per location. It will post your advert on Sunday and you need to make the reservations two days prior to your ad publishing date. Pune, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Satara and Solapur are the locations where your ad will be noticeable to people.

Divya Marathi – This newspaper is distributed in Nashik, Aurangabad, Solapur, Ahmednagar, Akola and Jalgaon. The standard cost in all these locations is Rs 750/20 words. Sunday is the ad publishing date and for that, you book your ad three days before.

Tarun Bharat – The standard cost for matrimonial ads in Tarun Bharat is Rs 800/20 words, which are available in the regions of  Belgaum, Konkan, Goa, Solapur, Mumbai, Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri. You can get your ad displayed only on Sunday therefore you need to book your ad by Friday that week.

Punya Nagari  – This newspaper is run by the second largest group of Marathi newspapers. It has editions across Maharashtra in the locations of Akola, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Satara, Dhule, Nanded and Latur. The cost is as low as Rs 35/3 lines in Satara and it will differ as per the locations. Just like the above newspapers, it publishes matrimonial ads on Sunday and one day is the deadline for the booking.

Pudhari – It is a popular Marathi daily newspaper available in Sindhudurg, Sangli, Satara, Mumbai and some other regions of Maharashtra. The price range varies from Rs 450 to Rs 1000. You must book your ad three days in advance and will see your ad published on Sunday.

Lokmat – It is the largest regional language newspaper read in India with over 18 million readers and has ten editions across Maharashtra. Pune has the maximum number of copies circulated in Maharashtra. You get to view your ad on Sunday and the booking deadline is the same as Maharashtra Times. This newspaper charges in the range of  Rs 210- Rs 1150.

Mumbai Choufer – It has its circulation only in Mumbai and charges Rs 330/3 lines. You can expect your ad on Sundays and must book the ad two days before your request.

Dainik Saamana – Bal Thackeray had launched this Marathi-language newspaper in 1988. There are two location options for this newspaper which are Mumbai and Pune. The matrimonial ad publishing day is Sunday and you should book your ad latest by Thursday that week. The charges will be Rs 110 and Rs 310 per 20 words for Pune and Mumbai respectively.

Navarashtra – It is a Hindi-language newspaper whose circulation is available in Mumbai and Pune. You can broadcast your ad on Sunday and you must complete the booking two days before. You will incur a cost of Rs 225/25 words for Pune and Rs 180/25 words for Mumbai.

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