Understand The Rituals and Traditions of a Malayalam Wedding!

Malayali weddings are filled with interesting traditions and rituals. The wedding ceremonies are very royal which involves uniting two individuals and their respective families in a sacred and lovable bond. In South India, people always try to provide the best education and all other facilities to their children. They even provide the best to their children even when it comes to finding the best match for marriage. Malayali parents take extra care to choose the life partners for their children. Even though Malayali families are quite broad-minded and accept love marriages, educational background and family background of the prospect is of prior importance.

Kerala is always believed to have the most amazing and breathtaking scenic beauty. This state also has some unique wedding customs too. Most North Indians wedding ceremonies are held after sundown. However, Malayali weddings often happen in the morning. Here are the pre-wedding rituals, wedding and post-wedding rituals that make the Kerala Hindu wedding a grand affair.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

  • Muhurtham – In this ritual, the astrologer matches the kundalis of the bride and groom. If the Kundlis matches, a Muhurath or a date for the wedding is fixed. 
  • Nischayam – Nischayam is the other name of engagement in Malayalam weddings. Both the families make an official announcement of the wedding in front of family, relatives and friends.
  • Traditional Party – The bride’s family organises a party for the guests just before the wedding ceremony and offers a delicious vegetarian meal for the guests.

Wedding Day Rituals

Malayali Wedding
  • Madhuparkam – When the groom reaches the wedding venue, he and his family members are welcomed in a grand way and the bride’s father washes the feet of the groom. The groom hands his in-laws a white saree which the bride is supposed to wear during the wedding ceremonies.
  • Kanyadaanam – All the wedding ceremonies are performed in front of a Veli (holy fire). The couple goes around the Veli three times and then the groom ties a Taali (yellow necklace) around the bride’s neck. After this, the actual Kanyadaanam ritual is done, where the bride’s father hands over his daughter’s hand in the hands of the groom. Kanyadaanam is the moment when the bride’s father gives his daughter’s hand in the groom’s hand.
  • Sparsham – During this ritual, the groom is made to sit on the floor where he faces the bride and their foreheads touch. The priest asks the bride to put rice in the Veli while chanting mantras. The groom helps the bride to put her foot on the Ammi (grinding stone) to signify that she is breaking ties with her family and stepping onto a new family.
  • Sadhya – After all the rituals have taken place, all the guests sit together and a feast is organized where traditional vegetarian dishes are served.

Post Wedding ceremonies

  • Kudivep – After the wedding is over, the couple starts for the groom’s house, where the newlyweds are heartily welcomed by the groom’s mother with lit oil lamps. This welcome ceremony is known as Kudivep.
  • Griha Pravesh – This is the ritual which takes place post wedding where the bride officially enters her new home for the first time.

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