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With its origins as a weekly newspaper in the year 1888, Malayala Manorama has slowly but steadily grown to become the most widely sold newspaper in Kerala, so it’s no surprise that many families in the Malayali community book Malayala Manorama matrimonial ads to find the most suitable partners for their sons and daughters.

The newspaper was founded by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai, and the first issue was published on the 22nd of March, 1890. Malayala Manorama was originally launched as a weekly newspaper that was published on Saturdays and being of four pages. In the year 1902, Malayala Manorama was made into a bi-weekly newspaper. Later, on the 2nd of July, 1918, it became a tri-weekly news publication and again, on the 2nd of July, 1928, Malayala Manorama was finally made into a daily newspaper, which it has remained ever since.

As of today, Malayala Manorama is the largest selling news daily in Kerala, while also being the third highest selling newspaper in the entirety of India as well as the fourteenth most widely sold newspaper in the world. 

Malayala Manorama Matrimonial Classified

The newspaper is an icon of Malayalam language journalism and the name Malayala Manorama is synonymous with news media in Kerala. Malayala Manorama commands a large, loyal and engaged reader following not just in Kerala, but among the Malayali community in other parts of India and even in the Middle East countries. 

On any given day, it is estimated that Malayala Manorama has more than 2.3 million copies of the newspaper in circulation on average, and this helps the newspaper get the news to all its readers. This wide circulation across Kerala, as well as among the Malayali diaspora makes it an excellent newspaper for booking matrimonial ads. 

In India, arranged marriages are the tradition, and families place a great deal of emphasis on finding the best partner. Even though an increasing number of people are choosing to find their partners on their own, finding a prospective bride and groom through newspaper matrimonial ads remains the norm for most of Indian society. A marriage is an extremely important event, which marks the beginning of a new journey as the bride and the groom start life together. What is more, a marriage not only signifies the coming together of the bride and the groom, but also a union of their respective families as well. 

For these reasons, the newspaper matrimonial ad is still immensely important in contemporary Indian society, and releaseMyAd is here to help you book your Malayala Manorama matrimonial classifieds in a quick and cost effective manner so that you can find your perfect person.

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Malayala Manorama was founded in March 1888 by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai. Originally founded as a weekly newspaper, Malayala Manorama became a daily newspaper in the year 1928. Since its foundation, the newspaper has grown to become one of the most well known and highly respected regional language news publications in the country. It is also one of the most widely circulated newspapers in India today.

Malayala Manorama is a newspaper that is read by people of all ages and from all walks of life. The newspaper is the preferred choice for millions of readers across not just Kerala, but even among Malayali communities across the rest of India as well and even outside the country. 

Malayala Manorama has its headquarters in Kottayam, and it is in fact the most widely circulated newspaper in the state of Kerala. It is also one of the regional language newspapers with the highest sales figures in the country. This, of course, implies that the newspaper commands a large, loyal and engaged reader base. 

Malayala Manorama matrimonial

It is estimated that on any given day Malayala Manorama has more than 2.3 million copies of the newspaper in circulation, being read by a large number of readers. The total readership of Malayala Manorama is estimated to be well over 20 million people not just in Kerala, but across various other parts of the country and even abroad. Not only is Malayala Manorama the most widely read newspaper in the state of Kerala, it is also the world’s fourteenth most widely circulated newspaper too!

Malayala Manorama is published from 19 locations in India and abroad, namely in the Middle Eastern countries, where it is published from 3 locations. These locations are Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Manama in Bahrain and Doha in Qatar.

Every single day, Malayala Manorama provides readers with the latest news from Kerala, the rest of India and around the world. Along with the latest regional, national and international news, Malayala Manorama also provides readers with an assortment of content spanning a diverse range of topics, including sports, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, astrology, technology, music and travel, and many more. 

This wide selection of content makes Malayala Manorama a newspaper that has something for everyone. Booking a Malayala Manorama matrimonial ad is an effective way to make your search for the perfect partner a hassle free one. 

In India, where arranged marriages are the tradition, families place a great amount of importance on finding the most suitable bride or groom for their children. This is because marriages are viewed as lifelong bonds between brides and grooms, and a marriage does not merely signify the coming together of the bride and the groom, but the union of their respective families as well. 

Finding one’s perfect partner is a time consuming and energy exhausting process, and matrimonial ads in newspapers help to make the process simpler and faster. Even though more and more people are preferring to find their perfect matches on their own, a large number of people still rely on the matrimonial columns in newspapers to find the most suitable candidate.

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