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Malayala Manorama was founded as a weekly Malayalam language news publication by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai in the year 1888. Today, it is a daily newspaper in the Malayalam language that has grown to become one of the most well-known regional language news dailies in India. 

With its headquarters in Kottayam, Malayala Manorama has extensive coverage across Kerala as well as across the country where Malayalam speaking readers are located. Over the years, Malayala Manorama has grown to become the newspaper with the highest circulation in Kerala, as well as one of the largest selling regional language daily newspapers in all of India. Malayala Manorama, as it turns out, is not just the third most circulated newspaper in India, but is also the fourteenth largest circulated newspaper in the world!

Commanding a large and loyal reader base in not just its home state of Kerala, Malayala Manorama is a popular Malayalam language newspaper across other parts of India as well. The newspaper even has a significant presence in the Middle East where a sizable Malayalam speaking population resides. On any given day, Malayala Manorama has more than 2.3 million copies of the newspaper in circulation, catering to a total readership estimated to be more than 20 million people both nationally and internationally. 

Malayala Manorama is published from a total of 19 printing locations in India and in the Middle East. In the Middle East, the newspaper is published from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Manama in Bahrain and Doha in Qatar.

Needless to say, Malayala Manorama is the preferred choice for a large chunk of India’s Malayalam speaking readers. The newspaper delivers the latest news stories from around the region, across India as well as the rest of the world. Along with the latest news, the newspaper provides readers with an assortment of content from a diverse range of categories. These include sports, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, astrology, technology, music and travel, and many more.

Manorama Real Estate Classified

This vast selection makes Malayala Manorama a newspaper for every taste, especially for those wanting to book Malayala Manorama classifieds real estate, as people from all walks of life will at some point or the other need to buy or sell property for residential, commercial or industrial use. 

Property ads are among the most sought after ads in newspapers. These advertisements list the properties that people want to purchase, sell, lease or offer for use on a rental basis. Property ads contain information that are relevant to the property being advertised, such as its location, size, name and contact details of the person or entity who is the owner of the property. 

By booking an ad in Malayala Manorama property classifieds, you have the advantage of localised and highly pinpointed targeting across Kerala and other places where Malayalam speakers are your target audience. 

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