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Published by Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. – also known as The Times of India Group, Maharashtra Times was founded in the year 1962. It is a Marathi language newspaper that has earned itself immense prestige over the decades. The newspaper is colloquially referred to as ‘Ma Taa’, derived from its initialism in Marathi and is one of the most respected regional language newspapers in India. The newspaper is based in Mumbai and has grown to become the largest selling Marathi language daily newspaper in the country. Maharashtra Times is the only newspaper in Mumbai to have more than one million readers in the city other than The Times of India. According to the Indian Readership Survey in 2005, Maharashtra Times has the second largest readership figures in the city of Mumbai.

Maharashtra Times has an estimated circulation of over one million copies on an average day and is a favourite among Marathi speaking readers. The newspaper is well known for its analytical and comprehensive reporting and giving readers an insightful look into the latest news and trending events. Offering a wide array of content spanning local, national and international news, lifestyle, sports, astrology, technology, entertainment and more.

Maharashtra Times Matrimonial Ad

The concept of marriage is deeply rooted in Indian culture as a highly significant event that marks the beginning of a new chapter in a person’s life.  Traditionally, a marriage signifies not just the coming together of the bride and the groom but also the union of their respective families. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on finding the most suitable partner. It is for this reason that arranged marriages have stood the test of time in India, even as more and more people are choosing to find their partners on their own.

Even with the growing popularity of matrimonial sites, a Maharashtra Times matrimonial ad is highly favoured by a huge chunk of the Marathi-speaking population in the state.  This is because a lot of Indians still regard newspapers as an authentic and respectable source of news and information, and believe that the matrimonial columns are a reliable method to find prospective brides and grooms.

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Why place Matrimonial Ad in Maharashtra Times Newspaper?

Matrimonial Ad

Even in the age of matrimonial sites specially designed to find you your desired life partner. Don’t believe me? Try looking at any newspapers matrimonial page, you will find hundreds of ads printed daily searching for their perfect match. Lets us now look at a popular regional newspaper & how it is to give a matrimonial ad in such a newspaper covering a distinct area.

  • Matrimonial Advertisements In Maharashtra Times  

Are you looking for a life partner residing in Maharashtra? Or do you plan on settling down in Mumbai for professional commitments? In such conditions giving a matrimonial ad in Maharashtra Times steps in the right direction to find you the perfect life partner.

Maharashtra Times Matrimonial

Matrimonial advertising in Maharashtra Times becomes even more interesting with the many exciting packages releaseMyAd offer keeping your needs in mind.

  • Sub Sections Of Matrimonial Ads

Matrimonial ads in Maharashtra Times are mostly taken in wanted grooms and wanted brides. Other than this there are several subcategories to choose from as per customer preference. 


Under this, customers can further choose sub-classification such as caste no bar(general), Punjabi(language), Jat(community), American (nationality), doctor (profession), Buddhist(religion) and many others.

  • Packages & Offers

As mentioned earlier releaseMyad offers the best packages when it comes to giving a matrimonial ad in any newspaper.

Along with these special discount packages you also get the option of 2+2 and 3+3 offers.

Which means if you book for 2 publishing dates you get 2 more publishing dates free of cost and get 3 publishing dates free on the booking of 3. This makes giving a matrimonial advertisement in Maharashtra Times extremely affordable and effective!

  • How To Compose?

TO compose a matrimonial ad in just a few steps:

  1. Go to and select a package.
  2. You will then find yourself with a compose ad page
  3. Select a subcategory then select language English or Marathi and compose your ad in the ‘COMPOSE AD MATTER’ section.

You can also look at the ‘VIEW SAMPLE ADS’ Section for reference.

Your matrimonial ad matter is now composed!

  • Composing Tips

A matrimonial ad should consist of the type of person you are like your qualification, features of how you look, your age or date of birth and also the feature you are looking for in your partner. Maybe you are a doctor and are looking for a doctor as well. And a contact detail such as a phone number or an email address so that the person looking at your ad in the paper can reach you. 

Here is an example for reference:

Saxena Boy 28,5″11″ working in Gurugram 4L, LPA father class 1 officer wanted beautiful working girl working in MNC preferred teaching profession, cast no bar Mob 9415013236 mail:

Other than this,

  1. Choose the right sub-category
  2. Choose the right subclassification 
  3. Enhancement, if any
  4. Language of ad matter
  • Ad Formats In Matrimonial

There are mainly two ad formats

  • Classified Text
Matrimonial Classified Text Ad
  • Classified Display
Matrimonial Classified Display Ad

Contact details

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