Misplaced your marksheet? A lost certificate ad in newspaper can help you!

Marksheets, degrees, certificates and diplomas are hard earned documents and hold tremendous value. They are documentary proof of an academic achievement, and they are extremely precious as they signify the educational qualifications of a person, and are a necessity when looking for admissions into educational institutions for higher studies as well as in the professional world where hiring decisions are made on the basis of a person’s educational qualifications. 

Marksheets and certificates are important for students for the following reasons: 

Lost Certificate Ad in newspaper
  1. They are officially recognised documents
  2. They are issued by universities, education boards and examination authorities as a certification that a student has completed a level of education and fulfilled the necessary academic criteria
  3. They are documentary proof of a student’s performance (such as marks and grades) and academic achievements
  4. They help students get admitted into universities
  5. They help students during job interviews and in HR processes such as selection and screening
  6. They serve as a proof of date of birth in the absence of a birth certificate

Therefore, misplacing all or any of these highly crucial documents can cause tremendous distress, because then the hassle of obtaining duplicates of the misplaced documents begins. 

And this is where a newspaper advertisement for lost certificate comes in. In order to obtain a duplicate or a replacement, one needs to file an FIR at a local police station as well as book a lost certificate ad in a newspaper. This is a legal requirement that has been put in place to ensure that people do not falsely claim that they have lost something in order to derive an unlawful gain out of it.

Lost Marksheet Ad in newspaper

Marksheets and other documents pertaining to educational qualifications such as degrees and diplomas can be misplaced due to a variety of reasons, including loss in transit, or in the course of shifting from one house to another, or even due to theft if a bag or folder containing important documents get stolen. 

Whatever the reason may be for the misplacement of such documents, obtaining duplicates becomes extremely important. This is why a lost certificate ad in newspaper is important, as it is this ad that facilitates the generation and delivery of duplicates of the same. 

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