How can a lost and found ad help you? Let us tell you!

Sometimes we tend to misplace certain valuable items, such as personal belongings or important documents such as a proof of identification due to circumstances like shifting from one house to another, travelling, or loss in transit due to carelessness or mishandling. These items are of great importance or of sentimental value and need to be recovered. If recovery of an item or document is not possible, duplicates of such items or documents need to be arranged for. 

Obtaining duplicates or replacements of certain documents such as passports, university marksheets, degree certificates, share certificates etc. require the fulfilment of some legal requirements. Publishing a lost and found ad in a newspaper is one such requirement.

Lost and Found Ads in Newspaper

Lost and found advertisements are, essentially, an announcement made to the public about an item that has been lost or misplaced, and also to inform the public if such an item has been found. The basic purpose of lost and found ads is to inform the public about missing or retrieved items so as to facilitate their return to their rightful owners. These ads bring the knowledge of a misplaced or retrieved item to the attention of the public so that whoever has located the item can promptly get in touch with the person who is looking for it. 

Publishing a lost and found advertisement in newspapers helps to make as many people as possible aware of the lost or retrieved item so as to maximise chances of the right person seeing the ad and taking action on it accordingly. Lost and found ads in newspapers are effective as they bring the public’s attention to the misplaced or discovered item, they fulfil legal requirements and they facilitate the obtaining of duplicates when accompanied by an FIR filed at a local police station. 

To write an effective lost and found ad, here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Clearly mention the item that has been lost or found and provide a brief description of it.
  • Mention the correspondence address as well as phone number.
  • If any reward or incentive is offered, mention it clearly.
  • Use language that is simple, concise and easy to understand.

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The History of Lost & Found Ads

Lost and Found advertisements can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome when it was common to advertise about lost things in papyrus scrolls. One of the oldest lost and found ads was from Ancient Egypt in which a person advertised with reward about a runaway slave. We humans have civilized ourselves since then and thus, modern newspapers consist of advertisements about lost articles especially documents of high importance to any individual.

best newspaper for Lost And Found ad

Lost and Found newspaper ads changed with time period as well as community to which the newspaper circulated. These advertisements were published since the dawn of newspaper publication and mostly consisted of subjects like lost dogs and runaway apprentices. Pet and livestock lost was a very common kind of advertisement in late 18th Century and early 19th Century newspapers. Lost and Found columns were full of advertisements like lost dog, cat, cow, birds, horses, pigs, etc. The Lost and Found column as we know it today was known as “Lost, Found, Strayed” or “Lost, Stolen” back at that time.

With the progress of the 19th Century, horses became the main mode of transportation in urban places and advertisements about missing horses became common in newspapers of Britain and the U.S. Loss of eye-glasses, pocketbooks, watches, keys and purses were noticeable ads in newspapers of that period.

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Usually, Lost and Found advertisements in newspapers were posted by individuals but with the arrival of railways as mode of public transport, advertisements began to appear in newspapers from the railways about commuters losing belongings while travelling. The list included curious articles like umbrellas, raincoats, cloth hangers, jug, baskets and even saucepans. 

Found advertisements also occupied much space in newspapers of those periods. People advertised for found articles and asked the owner to collect the same with relevant proof along with paying the charges of advertising.

Newspaper Lost and Found Ad

Missing person advertisements were often accompanied with a reward along with a picture of the missing and a brief description. These ads were given by individuals as well as law enforcement authorities. Such missing people were most of the time run away youngsters, aged or mentally deranged people. Missing person ads from police authorities were often about criminals who fled or from business establishments where a certain employee is missing after doing some fraud.

The subject of present generation Lost and Found ads in newspapers by individuals are almost always of documents lost, person lost or sometimes pet lost. Found ads are not seen at all in current generation newspapers classified columns. In case of documents lost advertisements, although a contact number is provided at the end of the text but the advertiser does not expect any recovery of the document. Instead, such ads are more of a formality to inform the general public of the loss and to apply for a duplicate for the issuing authorities. Such ads are almost always about passport loss, mark sheet or certificate lost, sale documents lost, share certificate lost, etc. To publish such an advertisement, it should be accompanied with proof of loss that is a police FIR copy of GD Entry.         

Lost And Found ad in newspaper

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Lost And Found advertisements

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