Place your Lost and Found ad now in Bartaman Newspaper!

Losing is a common habit of Human beings. Living a life full of materials to be valued, let us lose a lot on our way. That is when we learn the value of those. Someone once said :

“You never know how important something is until you almost lost it.”

But there is nothing wrong with losing things, doesn’t matter how important it was. At least in this way somehow we all learn how to value things and what to value.

If you have lost something and learned it’s value, finally you might plan to somehow get it back. In this case, booking a lost and found advertisement will not be a bad option for you.

If you are from West Bengal and you want people of Bengal to know about your thing that’s already lost, You can put up an ad under the Lost and Found category in Bartaman newspaper. Bartaman is a great option for putting up a lost and found advertisement because the ad costs that Bartaman offers are extremely cost-effective. Bartaman Is also one of the most circulated Bengali-language newspaper in West Bengal. With its quality content it has acquired readership which will help more people to know about your circumstance.

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If you have lost any of your important legal documents, You should take two immediate steps :

  1. Make an FIR
  2. Publish a Lost And Found ad.

Lost And Found ads are generally classified text ads which are placed with the primary expectation of finding out something lost. But to obtain a second copy of the document lost from the concerned authorities, you need to put an advertisement in the local newspaper of yours. But to place the ad first you have provide a copy of the FIR.

Lost and Found Ads in Bartaman

To file the FIR complaint you need to visit the local police station. Your FIR must be having the proper stamp of the police station authorities.

releaseMyAd to make your booking procedure easy and effective provides you some ad matter composing tips. They Are :

  • Mention the details of the item which is lost.
  • You can also mention the locality where you have lost your item.
  • Mention proper address or phone no in case if the item is found & could be returned.

You can also find few sample Ad matter for your reference while booking your Bartaman Lost And Found advertisement.

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  1. Click on
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