Why Place Lost and Found Ad in Sakshi Newspaper?

Hey There!

Are you worried because you lost something?


Somebody once said –

“Nobody gets through life without losing a few things on the way.”

Now you might say that you didn’t lose any random thing that can be made or purchased again. You have lost something very important. That can be a School Certificate or a Property will or maybe your Passport. Still sit back with a calm mind as productive decisions and panic don’t work together. 

If you have lost any of your important legal documents, You should take two immediate steps :

  1. Make an FIR
  2. Publish a Lost And Found ad.

Lost And Found ads are generally classified text ads which are placed with the primary expectation of finding out something lost. But to obtain a second copy of the document lost from the concerned authorities, you need to put an advertisement in the local newspaper of yours.

If you are based in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana and you want to place a Lost And Found ad or you want to place the ad in a Telugu paper, choose Sakshi to make the process hassle-free and cost-effective. Sakshi Lost And Found are one of the cheapest Telugu language newspaper ads which have a convincing penetration in the market of Telugu Newspapers with an overall circulation of more than 1.09 million. 

Lost and Found Ads in Sakshi

Sakshi Lost And Found ad booking has become less time consuming with releaseMyAd, as it gives you the facility to book the ad online but to book a Sakshi Lost And Found ad you need to get the FIR done first which is not more than 6 months old.

To file the FIR complaint you need to visit the local police station. Your FIR must be having the proper stamp of the police station authorities.

For states like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, you can file the FIR complaint online by visiting the website of the state Police Department.

To be valid for the submission, Lost and Found Advertisement has to be drafted accurately mentioning all details in the notice advertisement. So draft your ad referring Lost & Found Ad Samples provided in releaseMyAd’s website, while composing your ad.

Some of the Composing Tips are :

  • Ensure that the details of the item which is lost is mentioned properly.
  • You can also mention the locality where you have lost your item.
  • Mention proper address or phone no in case if the item is found & could be returned.

Book Sakshi Lost And Found Ad through releaseMyAd in few easy steps by maintaining the following procedure :

  1. Click on https://sakshi.releasemyad.com/rates/lost-and-found
  2. Select your ad type and edition of Publishing.
  3. After Proceeding to Step 2, Choose your language and compose your ad, with the assistance of the samples given (If needed).
  4. Provide your contact number and proceed to Step 3.
  5. Select your preferred dates, Upload your required document, Create your account and make payments to get instant confirmation of your ad booking.

In case of anymore inquiry, Contact releaseMyAd executives by calling 9830629298. Our highly experienced executives are there to help you. Or you can directly chat with us by clicking on:

Releasing ads in Sakshi for Lost and Found category has been simplified further with the help of the internet. Now you can confirm the release dates and get your ad published instantly with releaseMyAd, the Authorized Online Ad Booking Agent of Sakshi! Sometimes losing something is the only way you find out new things. Thus, if you are booking with releaseMyAd for the first time, Explore us by booking the ad for your lost document and find out your new ad booking friend in us.