Place Public Notice ad in Loksatta Newspaper!

Public Notice ads are the legal ads that are published by individuals or companies or by the government too. Parties to some legal proceedings, such as foreclosures, probate, and estate actions are sometimes required to publish public notices. For local government, public notice is often given by those seeking a liquor license, a rezoning or variance, or other minor approval which must be granted by a city council, county commission, or board of supervisors.

Sometimes you can be asked directly to publish your Public Notice in a daily marathi newspaper, in that case, the best option that you can choose is, Loksatta  public notice advertisement

Published by The Indian Express Group, Loksatta has more than 70 years of legacy and is therefore very trustable. When compared to other Marathi newspapers such as Maharashtra Times, Sakal, Divya Marathi and various other leading Marathi newspapers, Loksatta is your cost-effective option to publish your ad.

Documents required:

Loksatta Public Notice Ad

Booking Loksatta public notice ad will require any of the documents depending on the type of notice you are publishing.

  • Housing Society: In the scan copy of society letterhead ad matter should be written & it should be duly signed & stamped.
  • Tender Notice: Scan copy of Photo Id Proof is required.
  • General Public Notice: Requires a scanned copy of lawyer letterhead in which ad matter should be written & it should be duly signed & stamped (accompanied with a letter from the client, authorizing the lawyer to publish the ad on his/ her behalf. ).
  • Company Documents Misplaced/ Missing: Requires a scan copy of FIR & it should not be more than 6 months old.

In case you have any confusion regarding the documents, you can reach our expert at +91 9830629298 .

Booking a public notice ad has never been easier. You can book the public notice ads in Loksatta newspaper following some simple steps:

  • Click on the link and select the city for which you want to book the ad.
  • Compose your ad in a single or double column by typing the complete matter or if you have a pre designed template you can upload that as well.
  • You can then select the dates and upload the documents as required, make the payments to confirm the ad.

If you do not have Marathi matter you can publish the ad in English as well, but in some cases, individuals or companies are guided to publish the ad in local language.In such cases too, releaseMyAd can get your ad translated in local language without any extra charges added to it. releaseMyAd is a one-stop solution to  Loksatta public notice ad booking problems.