Advertise easily in the Loksatta Classified section!

Classified ads are the most widespread among any type of newspaper ads. As these ads are very cheap compared to the big display ads which are heavy on pockets, their return on investment is quite satisfactory.

Being a daily Marathi newspaper Loksatta has a thorough circulation even around the suburbs of main cities. Loksatta newspaper classifieds began in 1948 and are published by Indian Express Group.

Loksatta Classified

Classified ads in Loksatta is of the following two types:

Classified text: These are simple running ads that you see in the newspaper under various heads and subheads. These ads are charged based on the words and are the cheapest type of ad in the newspaper. Various categories available are Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property, Change of Name, Lost and found and others.

Classified Display: These ads are designed in a box and are of single or multi-column type. These ads are charged based on the area they occupy. Pictures and logo can be added to make the ad look appealing to the target audience. Popular categories are Recruitment, Public Notice, Court Notices, Tenders, Obituary ads, Remembrance ads and various others.

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Advertising in Loksatta Newspaper in an effective & easy manner!

Loksatta published by Indian Express Group was first launched on January 14, 1948. Loksatta is a daily Marathi newspaper and has its editions for Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Delhi.

It is one of the most trustable newspapers in Maharashtra and provides comprehensive coverage of the latest happenings in the society with analysis and opinions from renowned experts from their respective fields.

Why book an ad in Loksatta?

You can consider advertising on Loksatta newspaper as booking an ad in Loksatta is very cheap, it is one of the most economical newspapers as it has a lot of credibilities. It has a high circulation in Maharashtra. Since a local newspaper has its reach in cities as well as suburbs and thus you are certain that your ad will reach to the masses.

Loksatta Classified

Types of the ad in Loksatta:

Three types of Loksatta advertisement are Classified Text, Classified Display and Display.

Classified Text:

These types of ads are simple text, running on line and are the most economical type of newspaper advertisement. These are the most widely used ads by individuals for Matrimonials, Property sale or purchase or for recruitment and various others.

Classified Display:

These types of ads are designed and maybe colourful along with some picture or logo. These types of ads can be single or multi-column depending on the individual. These ads are slightly expensive and are more eye-catching and are charged on the area they cover in the newspaper.


Ads that you see on every page except the classified page are display ads. These ads are generally put up by companies to advertise their product or service or for appointments too. These ads are premium ads and are quite expensive compared to classified ads.

How to book the ad?

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