Advertising in Lokmat Times: An Overview

“English is a funny language – you might have heard this term a lot. I would rather say I do not know whether it is  funny or not but it truly is an unique language. Either you find it difficult to master or it is a cakewalk for you.

Anyhow India having so many different languages and mother tongues, English, a foreign language truly forms a common ground to communicate for all Indians conveniently in every professional front. Thus, we have a large number of English speakers in our country. Many who find it difficult but want to improve their command over this language every day, there is no better way than reading an English daily!

Display Ads in Lokmat Times

Unlike many English dailies, Lokmat Times is published with easy to read simple English. It is perfect for a casual English reader or a beginner who prefers to read an English newspaper but finds strong vocabulary too overwhelming.

You can find audiences like aspiring students trying to improve English or the older generation whose command over the language is not so great and even people who find the simplistic English more appealing to read. All types of categories can be published in Lokmat Times everyday. 

Starting from a minimum size of 4 cm width and 4 cm height, advertisements in this supplement can be placed up to a full-page size of  33 cm width and 52 cm height, by spending a minimum of Rs. 1100. However, charges can vary based on the location that you select and the hue of the ad can be either colour or classic  black-white.

Aurangabad, Nashik & Nagpur are the most popular editions for this supplement. Other than this, you can also place your ad in Lokmat Times for Pune, Mumbai, and many other popular locations.

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