All you need to know about Legal Notice & Court Notice Ad

Very often, while reading the newspaper you come across a page section where you notice different categories of ads being published. Out of the different ad categories, one such category is The Legal Notice or the Court Notice Ad. A Legal or Court Notice Ad comes into play when an individual, a Company or a Government needs to inform something important to the general public. Some examples of Legal Notice ads are Property Dispute, a consumer complaint, filing a divorce and many more.Court Notice Advertisement

In all the above cases, it is mandatory for the sender to inform the receiver that a legal action has been taken against them. To communicate and share this message at large, newspaper plays a very important role in India. Advertising in the newspaper helps in creating awareness & spreading the message to a large number of people.

There are different online Ad booking agencies to solve this purpose. A Google search will provide you with a host of online booking agencies in India. But choosing the right out of the lot that suits your purpose is very important. One such agency is releaseMyAd which has been in the advertising industry for more than a decade. Following their few simple steps, one can easily book a Legal or a Court Notice Ad with a newspaper of their choice. Another important point is their excellent customer service, wherein they provide booking assistance in case you face any difficulty while booking the ad. The website also has different Ad Types to book in. One can book a Classified Text Ad or a Classified Display Ad as per their convenience with the lowest rates possible.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Select the ad category- Public Notice
  • Select Ad type between classified text and classified display
  • Next, select a special ad booking package or a suitable edition
  • Then proceed to compose ad and select a suitable sub-category
  • Select the release dates and make payment
  • Finally, attach the required documents as per the publication.

Voila! Your ad is booked. It’s that simple.

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