Now place your property ads in HT Estates simply and easily!

Rather than giving a property ad in the tiny section of a clustered classified page, giving an appointment ad in a display format attracts more attention and influences readers to take the call to action much faster.

Now, the question might arise ’why advertise in HT Estates Newspaper?’

The answer is quite simple HT Estates is one of the most popular Property pullouts in the country. It is not only widely read but also is a trusted medium for buyers to end their dream house search.

It covers locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Gurgaon, Haryana, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Patna, Jaipur& Noida.

And with 1/3rd of India’s literate population reading a newspaper daily there is no way you won’t take advantage of the high readership numbers to find the right recruits for your company by placing an appointment today!

HT Estates Property Display Ad

Display ads are attractive and assure more readership focus than any other newspaper ad formats out there. Keeping that in mind it requires spending a lot more than a classified advertisement. That’s why we at releaseMyAd make sure to provide you with the cheapest negotiable rates in the market. 

Now there are two easy ways you can book a property ad through releaseMyAd.

  1. Without the help of an executive
  2. With the help of an executive
    • Send Ad Matter Through Email, Chat Or WhatsApp To Any Executive
    • Rates Given By Executive
    • Ad is Designed With In-House Designer & Send By Executive For Customer Approval
    • Payment & Booking Done By Customer  After Approval Of Design And Negotiation Rates With Executive

In both ways you don’t have to visit any physical office or waste time researching property ads, all of that is done by our team at releaseMyAd to make your ad booking experience easier.

Other than both ways being easy to follow it is recommended that you contact an executive to place any display ad in any newspaper as it allows you to negotiate furthermore on already lowest rates starting from 320/sqcm given on our website which you cannot do when following the first way.

Also with our in-house designing team, you don’t have to think about the ad designing processes at all! All you need to know is what you want to convey through your ad i.e. the ad matter or ad content.

Following the second method also allows you to take a sneak peek at the predesigned ad matter before making the payment which is also an important factor.

No matter whichever way you choose, you are assured to get a great deal with releaseMyAd!

Now let’s talk about some important points to remember while booking a property ad in HT Estates Newspaper

Focus Day & Deadline.

Property ads in HT Estates are released on Saturday. Keeping that in mind is a popular section the deadline is Thursday for that week.

Minimum & Maximum ad size:

The minimum size – 8 cm width x 6 cm height and the maximum size is a whole page length i.e. 33 cm width x 52 cm height.

Different Page Sizes

  • Full Page Size – 33 Cm X 52 Cm 
  • Half Page – 33 Cm X 25 Cm 
  • Quarter Page – 16 Cm X 25 Cm

Page Preference

  • Any page
  • Front page
  • Back page
  • Third page

Designing Ad Creative

As said earlier when you book any ad with releaseMyAd you simply don’t need to worry about the designing of the ad. With our in-house designing team, we custom design all ads as per your needs and instructions. 

We do not charge anything extra for designing, it comes complimentary with your ad booking! 

You can also upload a predesigned ad matter for publishing if you like.


Expensive ads call for negotiable rates! Minimum costing starting around 320/sqcm, all property ads booked for HT Estates are negotiable as per your affordability.

Don’t shy away from negotiating as our executives are always trying their best to provide you with the best rates in the market.

Contact Details

Let’s discuss more media advertising! Mail us at, or call us on 09830629298.