6 Types Of Hindustan Times Classified Advertisements

Classified newspaper advertisements through the years have been a tried and tested method to reach out to the public. Digital media with their advantages are surely taking over but the print media and its impact always remain unparalleled. 

Hindustan Times with its expansive range of classified advertisements offers some great choices to choose from. Here are the six major categories of Hindustan Times Classified Advertisements

  • Matrimonial: It is one of the most popular kinds of classified advertisements in the country. It comprises credentials that are desired by the family members of the groom or bride to reach other families looking for the same profile.
  • Recruitment: Recruitment classified advertisements are generally used by individuals and small scale businesses. Employers post the job description and contact details to reach out to job applicants with required skill-sets. 
  • Property: These types of advertisements are used to buy, sell, or rent properties by the owners. These are generally posted by individuals and shouldn’t be confused with real estate ads which have a whole different section for themselves.   
  • Obituary:  This is also one of the common kinds of classified advertisements which are placed by the families and individuals in memories of loved ones. It usually consists of a funeral invitation and a few lines about them. 
  • Education: These advertisements are used mainly by educational institutions such as small schools and private coaching centers to attract better students. 
  • Business: According to reports most of the successful business campaigns used by small and medium scale businesses are done through print media only. It mainly comprises different business proposals which are placed by various agencies and franchises. 

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