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Fashion design refers to the art and the practice of applying the concepts of design, aesthetics and natural beauty in the creation of clothing as well as accessories. Fashion design is influenced by culture as well as different trends, and differs from place to place and from time to time. 

A fashion designer is a person who creates items of clothing, which includes dresses, shirts, suits, pants, skirts and more, such as accessories like shoes, ties, hats and even jewellery. The responsibilities and duties of fashion designers are numerous and multifaceted. They are responsible for creating looks for individual pieces of clothing, regarding aspects ranging from colour to size to shape as well as fabric, design, trimming, adornments and more. 

There is little doubt that fashion designers are the people who play a huge role in the evolution of contemporary clothing and attire. They observe fashion trends in order to predict designs for people, namely the consumers. A popular misconception about fashion designers and their field is that all they do is make clothes as they desire. This is not true, as fashion designers need to conduct extensive research before even starting the design process. They need to understand the tastes, preferences and aesthetic choices of the audience they wish to design clothes for. Fashion designers take the time to understand and interpret the choices of the consumers when designing garments for them. That being said, fashion designers, through their visions, imaginations and creative talent as well as the way they express themselves through their creations, are able to influence society and the general public’s perceptions of beauty and fashion. 

Along with the above, fashion designers have several other duties too, such as selecting a theme for designs and the collections they create, utilising computer-aided design tools and programs as necessary, choosing fabrics, colours and designs that best match the kind of clothing item being made and more. They also participate in fashion shows with their creations, discuss and coordinate the implementation of the designs with managers or directors and even manage the production of the pieces they create. 

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Fashion designers work towards designing clothes that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, and they work with a wide range of materials and fabric, experimenting with different colours, designs, patterns and styles. 

Fashion designers with a vision and a keen eye for the most outstanding designs are in great demand today. People who seek to make their careers in fashion design pursue a degree course in fashion design from specialised institutes. Upon graduating, they either join a company, a fashion house or a consultancy firm, among others. They are either recruited through campus recruitment drives, or they search for the most suitable job openings on online job portals, or through professional social networking sites, such as LinkedIn.

Others find work opportunities through personal connections, as well as the contacts of friends and family members, while there is still a large number of people who find opportunities through newspaper advertisements. 

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